Possible infestation ("Preparing security options" on CTRL+ALT+DEL))

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Ilia Added missing sanity checks around exif processing. Pierre Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3. Scott Updated timezone database to version SingleQuery when calling using Reflection. Felipe Fixed sanity check for the color index in imagecolortransparent.

Pierre Fixed possible bad caching of symlinked directories in the realpath cache on Windows. Pierre Fixed atime and mtime in stat related functions on Windows. Jani Improve symbolic, mounted volume and 65336 binary trading is binary options real results support for realpath on Windows.

Pierre Improved readlink on Windows, suppress?? Always available when IPv6 is support is installed, format 65336 binary trading is binary options real results now the same than on unix. Pierre Fixed bug no support for. Jani Fixed bug long2ip can return wrong value in a multi-threaded applications.

Sriram Natarajan Fixed bug crashes when using fileinfo when timestamp conversion fails. Pierre Fixed bug Unexpected change in strnatcasecmp. Ilia Fixed bug php engine need to correctly check for socket API return status on windows. Sriram Natarajan Fixed bug ldap.

Ilia Fixed bug wordwrap wraps incorrectly on end of line boundaries. Ilia 65336 binary trading is binary options real results bug bcmath module doesn't compile with phpize configure. Jani Fixed bug php: Jani Fixed bug Ternary operator fails on Iterator object when used inside foreach declaration. Pierre Fixed bug Import of schema from different host transmits original authentication details. Felipe Fixed bug mysqli segfault on error. Felipe Fixed bug ReflectionFunction fails to work with functions in fully qualified namespaces.

Kalle, Jani Fixed bug private class static fields can be modified by using reflection. Jani Fixed bug feof never returns true for damaged file in zip. Jani Fixed bug context option headers freed too early when using --with-curlwrappers. Jani Fixed bug The function touch fails on directories on Windows.

Pierre Fixed bug SplFileObject:: Ilia Fixed bug phar tar signature algorithm reports as Unknown 0 in getSignature call. Greg Fixed bug phar misinterprets ustar long filename standard. Greg Fixed bug dechunked filter broken when serving more than bytes in a chunk. Stas Fixed bug zlib. Felipe Fixed bug cURL does not upload files with specified filename.

Felipe Fixed bug Problems compiling with Curl. Felipe Fixed bug string. Felipe Fixed bug IPv6 socket transport is not working. Ilia Fixed bug printf returns incorrect 65336 binary trading is binary options real results length.

Rasmus, Gwynne Fixed bug open office files always reported as corrupted. Greg Fixed bug RecursiveDirectoryIterator doesn't descend into symlinked directories. Ilia Fixed bug make install will fail saying phar file exists. Sriram Natarajan Fixed bug rename between volumes fails and reports no error on Windows. Jani Fixed bug ZipArchive produces corrupt archive. Felipe Fixed bug ReflectionFunction:: Johannes, Andrey Fixed bug Crash during date parsing with invalid date.

Pierre Fixed bug Unable to browse directories within Junction Points. Pierre, Kanwaljeet Singla Fixed bug mysqlnd: Ilia Fixed bug openssl signature verification for tar archives broken. Moriyoshi Fixed bug "file" fopen wrapper is overwritten when using --with-curlwrappers. Jani Fixed bug Invalid libreadline version not detected during configure.

Jani Fixed bug error message unclear on converting phar with existing file. Greg Fixed bug 65336 binary trading is binary options real results loop and possible crash during startup with errors when errors are logged. Jani Fixed bug error: Cause for and both fixed too. Kalle Fixed bug ssl handshake fails during asynchronous socket connection. Sriram Natarajan Fixed bug Fixed build with Openssl 1. Pierre, Al dot Smith at aeschi dot ch dot eu dot org Fixed bug Only the date fields of the first 65336 binary trading is binary options real results are fetched, others are empty.

Dmitry Fixed bug touch afield returns different values on windows. Uwe Schindler Fixed bug imagefilledrectangle clipping error. Ilia Fixed bug popen crashes when an invalid mode is passed. Ilia Upgraded bundled sqlite to version 3. Ilia Upgraded bundled libmagic to version 5. Derick Improved LCG entropy. Rasmus Changed tidyNode class to disallow manual node creation. Tony, Ilia Added libpng 1. Linus Nielsen Feltzing Added client-side server name indication support in openssl.

Arnaud Improved fix for bug Segfault caused by uksort. Stas Fixed mysqlnd hang when queries exactly bytes long are sent. Andrey Fixed incorrect decoding of 5-byte BIT sequences in mysqlnd. Jani Fixed unnecessary invocation of setitimer when timeouts have been disabled. Arvind Srinivasan Fixed memory leak in extension loading when an error occurs on Windows. Pierre Fixed possible bad behavior of rename on windows when used with symbolic links or invalid paths.

Pierre Fixed error output to stderr on Windows. Pierre Fixed memory leak in the realpath cache on Windows. Pierre Fixed crypt's blowfish sanity check of the "setting" string, to reject iteration counts encoded as 36 through Solar Designer, Joey, Pierre Fixed bug crypt crashes when invalid salt are given. Ilia Fixed bug build fails with openssl 1.

Ilia Fixed bug php. Joey, Ilia Fixed bug Bug in garbage collector causes crash. Dmitry Fixed bug putenv does not set ENV when the value is only one char.

Pierre Fixed bug strtotime does not support eighth ordinal number. Pierrick Fixed bug Broken object model when extending tidy. Dmitry Fixed bug compile failure: Jani Fixed bug Use of is valid only in a c99 compilation environment.

Sriram Fixed bug declare encoding doesn't work within an included file. Felipe Fixed bug PDO:: Stas Fixed bug performance regression handling objects, ten times slowerin 5. Ilia Fixed bug nanosleep not detected properly on some solaris versions. Jani Fixed bug php. Jani Fixed bug crypt ignores sha prefix. Ilia, Pierrick Fixed bug xmlrpc does not preserve keys in encoded indexed arrays.

Jani Fixed bug conflicting types for llabs. Dmitry Fixed bug isset and empty silently casts array to object. Jani Fixed bug soap call Segmentation fault on a redirected url.

Jani Fixed bug Incorrectly matched docComment. Dmitry Fixed bug Memory leak when fetching timestamp column from Oracle database. Felipe Fixed bug wrong working directory in symlinked files. Pierrick Fixed bug ReflectionClass:: Closure object cannot have properties.

Felipe Fixed bug crash while running bug

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(No doubt this had to do with the stressful experiences I alluded to above. For me, this meant putting actual writing processes on display; something that would have been far more difficult had I tried to carry out the original idea of no human performers, just projected text and synthetic voices.

Before our first performances, the actors would occasionally ask me to describe what it was that their characters were doing.