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There are two possible options:. The enrolment fee is charged to your bank account from the same day as your registration is accepted.

If you have applied for a grant, you can enrol and choose the deferred payment option. You also have the possibility to pay your enrolment fees by contracting a loan. You must have a bank account number, update your bank account details, if so required, and select: Remember to bring your bank details with you, since they must be updated at the moment you complete the enrolment process.

If you request an enrolment modification which entails additional costs, these must be paid in one instalment and will be charged to banc de options debit card bank account. You will be charged for the modifications on or after the day they are approved. If you apply as a grantholder you can make a deferred payment plan. If you have applied for a grant, but for any reason must submit more documents or have been denied the grant, this will entail modifications in your enrolment.

These modifications must be paid for apart, in one instalment and after ten days of receiving the final resolution on your application. This however will not affect the terms of your deferred payment plan. If you are interested in choosing this option, please consult the information on the AGAUR loan for university fees. Banc de options debit card you choose this payment option, you will need to take into account the following:.

You banc de options debit card be undertaking official studies. Your payments must be made by standing order. Remember to provide your bank account details when you enrol, select the form of payment AGAUR loan and choose one of the financial institutions included.

Please, update the details of your permanent address and your university accommodation address. To apply for the loan, your enrolment fee must range between euros and euros. You banc de options debit card also apply for the loan if you have received a banc de options debit card, as long as the amount of your enrolment fees is greater than the minimum amount required. Your name must not be on the list of any credit reporting agencies such as RAI and ASNEF in Spain and either you or your guarantor must demonstrate that you meet the minimum of income required for the loan.

There are not early repayment charges. Non-payment of the instalments can cause a 12 euro charge for every missed payment and a late payment interest of 7. The loan will not cover any modifications you make to your enrolment after October The cost of any modifications must be paid in one instalment and will be charged to your bank account. You can select this mode of payment if you enrol before 24 October You must wait to receive an e-mail from AGAUR to the e-mail address you provided in your enrolment form.

This e-mail will be sent after 10 October. Please consult all information at the AGAUR website and, before choosing this loan option, make sure that you wish to pay your enrolment fees with this loan, given that once you choose this option you cannot cancel it. If you are later awarded a grant, the amount banc de options debit card will be used to cancel all or part of your loan. Click here to display the menu of null Official master's degrees. Official Master's degrees offer.

Application for admission to a master's degree Notice of admission Pre-payment for enrolment. Steps to follow in the enrolment procedure Enrolment process for each master's degree Documents Prices Payment options Fee calculator Apply for grants Deductions Surcharges Frequently asked questions about prices. There are two possible options: If you choose this payment option, you will need to take into account the following:

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