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Broadview's ebooks run on the industry-standard Adobe Digital Editions platform. Learn more about ebooks here. Ancient Greek philosophers, medieval theologians, Enlightenment thinkers, and contemporary humanists alike have debated all aspects of human sexuality, including its purpose, permissibility, normalcy, and risks. Philosophizing About Sex provides a philosophical guide to those longstanding and important debates. Each chapter takes a general issue freedom, privacy, objectification, etc.

By asking deceptively simple questions, this book shows how difficult but important it is to arrive at satisfying answers. Please click here for more details or contact Customer Service. For an excerpt from Philosophizing About Sexplease see our blog post: Philosophers of every tradition, age, and persuasion—as well as scholars from a variety of disciplines—are put into conversation to illuminate such complex issues as privacy, violence, identity, and law, always with the goal of clarifying, rather than resolving, central questions.

The writing is philosophically rich, but crisp and easily readable. Anderson, University of British Columbia. While providing a comprehensive overview, Philosophizing About Sex manages to balance attention to important introductory philosophical topics with a full engagement with much of the best of beyond the binary thinking about sex and gender shannon dea google books core literature.

And it does so with a genuine concern for making both available to the new reader. Fortunately, as we find in excellent textbooks, some ideas are wisely left open for further investigation where others are treated more provocatively, inviting critical engagement by more experienced readers.

Shrage and Stewart review the central issues and classic texts along with the newest issues arising as law, technology, and mores change for instance: A first-rate overview of the literature, both historical and contemporary, and a riveting discussion of conceptual and ethical issues.

The book is clearly written and accessible, with plenty of rich examples as well as philosophical beyond the binary thinking about sex and gender shannon dea google books am looking forward to using it in class! A Journal of Feminist Philosophy. Their book offers an invaluable tool for anyone looking to bring some of the many conversations about sexual violence and harassment on campus in general and in philosophy in particular into the learning environment, and as such should be a welcome addition to core reading lists across a range of courses.

What Is a Sexual Act? Is Cybersex Genuine Sex? Does Sex Have a Purpose? Are We Born Gay or Straight? Is Rape a Byproduct or a Weapon of War?

Should There Be Laws against Sodomy? Is Perverse Sex Morally Bad? Who Should Be Allowed to Marry? Is Virginity Valuable in a Potential Spouse? Who Should Provide Sex Education: Parents, Schools, or Health-care Providers? Is Sex Always Harmful for Children? Beyond the binary thinking about sex and gender shannon dea google books Is Child Pornography Harmful?

Why Is Sexual Privacy Important? Can Sex or Porn Be Addictive? Should Fatherhood Be a Choice? Can Sex Be Studied Scientifically? Is Sexology a Science? January 20, ISBN: Philosophizing About Sex Written by: Subscribe To Our Newsletter Name.

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