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The big question is, "How do you convert a letter to a number? So how does the computer do the conversion from letter to number? There is a standard listing called the "ASCII Character Set," in which every character used on a computer's keyboard is assigned a number.

You might wonder, "Why ? Each character needs to have the same number of binary bits - otherwise nobody would know where one character ends and the next one starts. So even though the number 15 only needs four bits to be written in binary two in order to make sure all binary alphabet translate numbers have the same length, the computer would write it as two. We put a space between every four digts, for the same reason that we do commas in base ten - it helps us read long strings of digits more easily.

Okay, so with that out of the way, now we binary alphabet translate need to know what letters are represented by what number. Here's a quick reference for you:. That means that lower case letters have a different number assigned than upper case letters:.

Now, there are a couple things you might have wondered binary alphabet translate, like "What comes before 65? The answer to the first question is, there are other binary alphabet translate in those gaps - numbers, punctuation, special control characters like the Backspace, Enter, Delete, binary alphabet translate. The reason there's a gap between the upper case and lower case alphabets is binary alphabet translate it makes "a" 32 more than "A.

Why would you want to do that? Well, you probably wouldn't, unless you wanted to conserve binary alphabet translate, and you didn't care about anything except the basic upper case alphabet. You see, if all you cared about was the upper case letters and maybe a spacethen you could do a conversion like this:. Because now your biggest number you need to encode is 26, which is less than 2 5. That means binary alphabet translate you only need five digits to write each number instead of eight!

Since you have to have space in your table for 32 characters, and you've only used up to 26, you might as well use the other ones. Maybe include some punctuation? Or you could create a table with 64 characters, which would either let you put in a lot more punctuation, or the numbers, or the lower binary alphabet translate alphabet. But now you're using six binary digits per character, so you're not saving as much space.

Or you could completely jumble your character chart, which makes it a harder for other people to decode:. But if you really want to make a coded message, there are much better ways to do it, so everyone just sticks with the standard ASCII codes in order to keep things simple.

Thanks for asking, Emmanuel. I probably gave you much more information than you were expecting, but I hope you found it both interesting and helpful! PS - you can find more information about encoding here: Colors, Numbers, and Graphemes.

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