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It hopefully means that not too many innocent traders have been sucked into this garbage. However, this system was recommended to me by someone who I had great respect for, so at lest thought I should look at it:. Each signal is paid at the rate of 1 US cent whether it is taken or not, but remember the signals may come quite frequently. Initially a free bonus of signals is given to try the service, so the upside is that as long as you stay away from alive account it does not cost anything to test.

Before Binary Matrix Pro will send you a link to the dashboard software you must open an account with one of their specified brokers and fund it, which they check has been done.

The software is available as a desktop download, web based, and an Android App. I tried the download first. McAfee sent me some serious warnings about downloading which never happened before.

I decided to continue anyway. When I tried to start the dashboard MS runtime warnings were generated. I tried to log into the web based version. The screen just went blank. They said that the pairs offered by my broker varied throughout the day.

I found that through most of the binary matrix pro affiliate area signup and information there was 1 pair or 2 pairs binary matrix pro affiliate area signup and information available on my broker platform.

That meant that I would be paying for signals which I could not take! Already suspicious I decided not use real money but just watch a few trades. Now a new bug in the software materialised: It is necessary to get the trades in as quick as possible, so I sat with fingers quivering over the keyboard and turned on the audio alerts.

Probably another bug they cannot fix. During my first trade session of 2 hours I must have received about 40 signals. However, it was getting late, towards the Asian session, so I decided to give it another go the following day. I traded for 5 hours in the UK session. I frequently noted that my losing trades were reported as wins on the dashboard. Although it is of course possible that results of individual trades may vary between different users, results averaged over a reasonable number of trades, sayshould give the same figure — that is only simple statistics.

The signal was for a CALL trade but at no point for a minute or so before the alert or several minutes after did the price rise above the signal price. In fact over the 60 second trade the price fell by 5 pips which is a massive amount in that time period. P lease visit the CFTC and investor. However… the more important aspect of this feature is that our users see the results being reported by other members of the community… LIVE!

Yes… LIVE — as it happens. If not, the panel displays automatically after 60 seconds. And this shows the number of outcomes reported — in other words, how many people confirmed whether their trade won or a lost.

Thanks to our Social Performance Reporting feature, every single trade …and its outcome… is logged in our back-office. These provide an overall picture and are updated live. However, this system was recommended to me by someone who I had great respect for, so at lest binary matrix pro affiliate area signup and information I should look at it: Now the fun starts: What more is binary matrix pro affiliate area signup and information A lot, thanks to the latest breakthough of Binary Binary matrix pro affiliate area signup and information Pro!

This is NEW today! Binary Options Trading Risks Disclaimer: Binary Options Trading Is Risky!

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When trading binary options seriously, you want to be able to trade at any given moment. Trading Binary Options may incur a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your invested capital. Therefore it may not be suitable for all investors.