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In other words, there is no keyword like read or write. Instead, it left the IO to the compiler as external library functions such as printf and scanf in stdio library. In input operations, data bytes flow from an input source such binary output c++ keyboard, file, network or another program into the program. In output operations, data bytes flow from the program to an output sink such as console, file, network or another program.

Streams acts as an intermediaries between the programs and the actual IO devices, in such the way that frees the programmers from handling the actual devices, so as to archive device independent IO operations. In formatted or high-level IO, bytes are grouped and converted to types such as intdoublestring or user-defined types. In unformatted or low-level IO, bytes are treated as raw bytes and unconverted.

Most of the template classes take two type parameters. You can also overload these operators for your own user-defined types. It contains two set of output functions: It converts a numeric value from its internal representation to the text form. It also supports formatted input and unformatted input.

It performs formatting by converting the input texts into the internal representation of the respective types. The ostream 's member function put can be used to put out a char.

However, it is more convenience to use these public member functions of ios class:. Binary output c++ default field-width is 0, i. The setw operation is non-sticky. That is, it is applicable only to the next IO operation, and reset back to 0 after the operation.

The field-width property is applicable to both output and input operations. Except setwall the other IO manipulators are stickyi. The internal alignment left-align the sign, but right-align the number, as illustrated.

You can also use ostream 's member function width e. Floating point number can be display in 3 formatting modes: The precision is interpreted differently in default and non-default modes due to legacy. You can also use ostream 's member function precision n e. File IO requires an additional step to connect the binary output c++ to the stream i.

By default, opening an output file creates a new file if the filename does not exist; or truncates it clear its content and starts writing as an empty file.

The available file mode flags are:. You can set multiple flags via bit-or operator, e. For output, the default is ios:: For input, the default is ios:: We need to use read and write member functions for binary file file mode of ios:: Random binary output c++ file is associated with a file pointer, which can be moved directly to binary output c++ location binary output c++ the file. Random access is crucial in certain applications such as databases and indexes.

You can position the input pointer via seekg and output pointer via seekp. Each of them has two versions: The string streams is based on ostringstream subclass of ostreamistringstream subclass of istream and bi-directional stringstream subclass of iostream.

IO operations are defined for each of the type. If IO operations are not defined for a particular type, compiler will generate an error.

The same set of operations can be applied to different types of IO devices. Construct a binary output c++ object. Connect Associate the stream object to an actual IO device e. Some functions convert the data between the external format and internal format formatted Binary output c++ ; while other does not unformatted or binary IO. Disconnect Dissociate the stream to the actual IO device e. Free the stream object. Take note that istream and ostream are unidirectional streams; whereas iostream is bidirectional.

The unformatted output functions e. It uses the terminating null character to decide the end of the char array. In unformatting input, such as getgetlinread binary output c++, it reads binary output c++ characters as they are, without conversion. It uses whitespace as delimiter and adds a terminating null character to binary output c++ C-string.

Flushing the Input Buffer - ignore You can use the ignore to discard characters in the input buffer: The last input operation failed to read the expected characters or output operation failed to binary output c++ the expected characters, e.

Absence of above error with value of 0. However, it is more convenience to use these public member functions of ios class: By default, the values are displayed with a field-width just enough to hold the text, without additional leading or trailing spaces. You need to provide spaces between the values, if desired. For integers, all digits will be displayed, by default. This default precision of 6 digits include all digits before and after the decimal point, but exclude the leading zeros.

Scientific notation E-notation will be used if the exponent is 6 or more or -5 or less. In default mode neither fixed nor scientific useda floating-point number is displayed in fixed-point notation e. The precision in default mode includes digits before and after the decimal point but exclude the leading zeros.

Fewer digits might be shown as binary output c++ trailing zeros are not displayed. The default precision is 6. See the earlier binary output c++ for default mode with default precision of 6. As mentioned, the trailing zeros are not displayed in default mode, you can use manipulator showpoint noshowpoint to show or hide the trailing zeros.

In both fixed e. The default precision is also 6. Binary output c++ the integral number base. Negative hex and oct are displayed in binary output c++ complement format. It does not convert characters or strings to uppercase! These manipulators are sticky. However, they are not as user-friendly as using manipulators as discussed above. File Output The steps are: Construct an ostream object. Connect it to a file i. Disconnect close the file which flushes the output buffer and free the ostream object.

The available file mode flags are: File Input The steps are: Construct an istream object. Disconnect close the file and free the istream object. Binary file, read and write We need to use read and binary output c++ member functions for binary file file mode of ios::

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