Convert bases decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary in C#

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Last post Sep 18, Sep 17, Before anyone says it, no I can not use the. Any ideas of how I can do this? I heard that binary to decimal conversion method in c# can actually like store in binary or something and do that when you take input as a vector of strings or something?

I was kind of confused about the process. I'm very lost on what to do. NET Framework supports standard arithmetic; even System. FWIW, i am a former community college computer science instructor who has been writing computer programs since — if my students had someone else do their homework, i'd give them zero marks — learning happens by doing and researching — your peers here at forums.

Clarity is important, both in question and in answer. BTW, i was a very mean computer science instructor — if a student binary to decimal conversion method in c# an answer but could not explain it, it was fair to assume that someone else provided that answer and zero marks were likely to be given. Your teacher may not expect some kind of super advanced solution but rather than you put in practice what you just learned for example maybe an array based solution if you just learned about arrays.

Anyway even when not homework I prefer to explain what to do or how to solve something rather than providing ready to paste code. Before translating a solution into code, you need to understand the problem in your own language. For smaller numbers than the one that is part of your homework assignment, you can get away with using. Just like adding real columns of numbers, you need to be able to carry into the next column if necessary: Sep 18, SecondlyI wasn't trying to be "dishonest".

I've already failed this assignment. Even know I got the correct answers it wasn't the " method my teacher wanted " so I received a failing grade.

Binary to decimal conversion method in c# am now trying understand how the correct way to do this problem is. Hexadecimal is great but really is irrelevant for what I am trying to do.

I am trying to understand how to do it for my own personal benefit. Thanks again for your time gerry and for taking time to listen and to attempt to solve my problem. There are no examples of it in C either.

First, i respect you for your tenacity The vector w of decimal digits of v" This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Community Websites Community Support. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Before anyone says it, no I can not use the BigInteger datatype to help. Signed bit integer System.

Taylor Hornby's calculator can also handle expressions like: Here are more hints: Example, converting from binary to decimal: Here's my attempt at a more reasonable pseudo-code: Empty; starting with the rightmost character, moving left until the index zero character has been processed:

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This forum is now read-only. Please use our new forums at discuss. I would like just the functions, patterns, variables and other things I might need for it. I think I would need a variable for binary converter but I am not sure.

Ok, first you need to understand how to convert from decimal and binary and back on paper. Remembering binary is base 2 and decimal is base From decimal to binary: You can use the division method.

So take a number say Then repeat the mod, div process until your number is 0. This will leave you with a list of 1's and 0's in the case of All you have to do now is reverse that number to get the correct binary number: From binary to decimal: This is slightly easier.

For example take binary: Hope you understand how binary and decimal conversions work in theory, so all you need to do now is convert the text explanation above into code.

Good luck and have fun. If you get stuck, paste your code using codeblocks and i'll try help point you in the right direction. Nathaniel over 4 years ago. I want to gather a list. Simon Urban over 4 years ago. I'm afraid I don't know how I can help you any more without coding the whole program for you. I have already coded such a program in C. I think once you understand what is required to code, you'll be able to work out what variable, etc.

I can't just say: Here's my code from my C program for Decimal to Binary: The Binary to Decimal is a slight cheat because in C , you can convert a string to any given base e.

Hope the code gives you some pointers as to what you might require. Course Forum Section 2 Coding a program which converts binary in to de Coding a program which converts binary in to decimal and visa versa. Simon Urban over 4 years ago I'm afraid I don't know how I can help you any more without coding the whole program for you.