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Steve Jobs went ballistic when public shipping manifests leaked the existence of the iPhone 3G. The circulatory system of the global economy is a trillion-dollar industry, yet no one really talks about it, or builds tech for it. Transparency begets data, which begets efficiency. Smarter shipping shrinks the physical world the way faster internet shrinks the digital one. High bandwidth connections paved the way for Netflix. Now Flexport could make meatspace broker freight shows toy trader as nimble as Amazon.

It qualifies as freight, and can require several separately owned vehicles to deliver it across land, sea, or air from its source like a factory to a destination like a retail store. Each of these dots is a freight shipment currently on the move with Flexport. To get the best deal on each leg of the journey and handle the hand-offs through customs, freight forwarding services serve as an organizational logistics layer.

They have direct relationships with carriers like truck owners and massive shipping container boats. That made it extremely tough to spot overspending or snags in supply chains. That is, until Flexport indexed all the available carriers into a searchable database in its free software for organizing and tracking shipments. By analyzing all the routes, rates, speeds, and customs compliance data of shipments booked through its full-stack software and service, it can find the most efficient way to get goods from point A to points B, C, X, Y, and Z.

As teenagers, he and his brother started buying stuff from China and then selling it stateside on the web. He moved to China in and spent two years in the supply chain trenches.

Soon he incurred the wrath of Steve Jobs, as import genius led press to the fact that Apple was shipping crates of the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 3G from China. I thought there was no software for SMBs. They wrote it off completely. Other startups are also trying to muscle broker freight shows toy trader the freight business with different focuses or business models. Haven provides a marketplace connecting commodity traders with carriers.

None broker freight shows toy trader those broker freight shows toy trader provide the freight omniscience Flexport gets from combining its logistics software data with its forwarding business execution. Clients trade broker freight shows toy trader visibility across the industry for transparency and control over exactly how their freight moves. Haven, for example, can provide a wide range of customizable shipping options.

The biggest risk to Flexport could be changes to regulation since the company has to stay compliant across the world. By using AI to monitor re-order cycles and plan future shipments, Flexport could allow businesses to instantly replenish their inventory when they run low.

Flexport is the perfect example of what can happen if entrepreneurs attack seemingly boring businesses. Petersen embraced both the literal and figurative schleps necessary to build something new in freight forwarding. Kissing the frog, no matter how unsexy, may end up turning him into a prince. So what the hell is freight forwarding?

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