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I was wondering if it calforex chinook centre calgary be cheaper to buy the funds the bank here or while I am in Europe? TD allows you to buy the currency on there website and the exchange rate right now is: I might have an issue with exchanging it in Germany becuase I do not know where a exchange kiosk will be in Burlin. In Calgary, I found Calforex to be cheapest calforex chinook centre calgary the time I was looking.

I do know the prices around Europe as I spent 8 months there last year. I'm just buying a car there this time to make life a little easier. I'd rather not lose more money then I already am calforex chinook centre calgary the car, since I will be coming back to Canada.

And is not worth it for me to rent a car I will check Calforex though, thanks! Personally I found I had a better rate here in calgary, going through a broker, not a bank. When I had to pull out more money in Germany, I can't remember exactly what it was but they charged a few more basis points than the broker here did.

If you can find a reasonable rate here I would just get it done with. I would try calforex chinook centre calgary exchange in Chinook mall, it might be calforex. I know that even with my staff discount when i worked for a bank they were able to beat the staff pricing on the currency exchange.

I would definitely try there. It will be cheaper then the banks for sure. I went to Calforex today but they only had 1,e, I need to wait till monday to exchange the other 4,e but it was 1.

I've always found using a debit card to be most convenient abroad. Just make sure you take out in large sums and the fees will probably be cheaper than what you would pay to change money. I went to Custom House yesterday to get US bills. Definitely call around for rates and fees. Basically if you use certain banks you don't get charged fees for withdrawing. Originally posted by bitteeinbit I've always found using a debit card to be most convenient abroad. Debit not so much, but visa you don not get charged fees and it works pretty well, but since I need cash 2 buy a car out there I need 2 have the funds calforex chinook centre calgary of time.

I'll ask about the global ATM alliance though. Look into opening a Scotiabank account in Canada. It'll save you the worry of traveling with that much cash. Originally posted by Kobe Debit not so much, but visa you don not get charged fees and it works pretty well, but since Calforex chinook centre calgary need cash 2 buy a car out there I need 2 have the funds ahead of time.

Are you going travelling or living as an expat work etc. If you're going to travel I understand, but if you're going to work it'll be easier to open an account over there and do a wire transfer much cheaper than any other option.

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