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CanadianForex offers favorable currency exchange rates and secure money transfer and payment services at low fees to corporate and individual clients and is FinTRAC regulated. CanadianForex is part of OFX, providing secure and speedy international money transfers to overpeople in 55 currencies at better-than-bank rates.

CanadianForex offers secure money transfers with some of the best money transfer rates, canadian forex limited reviews well as the ability to make recurring fx international payments, to their canadian forex limited reviews customers. CanadianForex customers can choose between three methods to send money abroad: The Basic Money Transfer is a spot option, which is a transfer that is executed immediately using the best exchange rate that the CanadianForex currency specialist can find.

Once the specialist has found the best rate, they will execute the transaction for the customer. If the customer has found a favorable exchange rate but does not need to send money immediately, they can purchase a forward contract, which gives the customer the ability to lock in the favorable rate but use it at a future date. Forward contracts are a great way to protect the customer from fluctuations in exchange rates. Limit orders are another way that customers can preserve their money if they are concerned about rate fluctuations.

Often used for large money orders or when the customer does not have to send money immediately, a limit order allows the customer to specify the exchange rate they want.

The CanadianForex currency specialist will only execute the transfer when the rate reaches the range the customer specified. Recurring transfers are a way for CanadianForex customers to make money transfers or international payments on a regular, ongoing basis.

Recurring transfers allow the customer to set up an automatic payment plan, saving them time and money on their international money transactions.

Recurring payment plans are a great option for customers who need to make regular international payments for a loan or debt pay-off, for a mortgage payment or monthly rent payments, for paying tuition fees for children studying abroad, for a vendor payment, or any other recurring payment.

Recurring transfer plans can be set up as fixed payments, for those customers who have a set amount that they need to pay on a regular basis a mortgage payment, for exampleor as a non-fixed payment, which is good for customers who need to send money overseas periodically, but in differing amounts.

Non-fixed payments can be a good option for customers who are sending money to relatives living abroad where the amount may be different from payment canadian forex limited reviews payment. Non-fixed payment plans do not require a deposit. Fixed payment plans do require a deposit up-front when setting up the plan. The deposit is equal to the amount of one payment, and is due at canadian forex limited reviews time the first payment will be made.

CanadianForex gives corporate clients the ability to make overseas money transfers and international payments, as well as providing forex risk management services, hour access to the cutting edge technology systems pioneered under the OzForex Group, and superb customer service. CanadianForex assigns a dedicated Canadian forex limited reviews market specialist to its canadian forex limited reviews customers.

This specialist will have a deep understanding of the foreign exchange marketplace and will work with the corporate client to manage their foreign exchange risk exposure. CanadianForex also gives its business clients the ability to set up recurring transfers, allowing them to automate their international payment needs, including employee salary payments, subscription fees, vendor service payments, or any other type of regularly-occurring payment.

The group has offices on six continents and canadian forex limited reviews approximately employees. Currency Volatility Tool - assess the impact of currency risk. Currency Analysis Tool - conduct an audit of historical transactions.

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No CanadianForex fees for FXcompared users.

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Fortunately there is a way to save a big percentage — potentially many thousands of dollars and certainly I have. Yet most Canadians still use banks because of the perceived security they offer, but there is a much better way — just as safe, a lot cheaper, faster and with much better service too.

My name is Quinn and I was born in B. I am actually pretty familiar with OzForex, the Australian stock market listed parent company who owns CanadianForex. Rather than just use a company I was familiar with, I decided to take a deeper look at all the companies that operated in Canada — make sure I was getting the best deal on rates and most importantly that my money stayed safe.

The other advantage I hoped they had was service — hopefully by being in Canada they would provide good service and decent rates too. Registering just takes a few minutes, then you have to confirm your identity which might be done automatically or else by email. The CanadianForex guy told me on the phone simply to reply to the email he sent. He also said that I did not have to include transaction details but just had to include my name, account number, date, bank logo of a recent statement.

I recorded the conversation to be sure this information is correct. The direct debit option is free and very easy once set up but you are required to fill out a direct debit form to authorize the transactions. It took three days from the time Canadian Forex received my money until it landed in my bank account in Australia.

I know this because of the handy emails you can opt to receive. Of course it takes a day or two more than this for your bank to actually get the money to Canadian Forex but still a couple of days faster than I have experienced with bank-to-bank transfers. Apart from rates and fees, I think this is where money transfer companies crush the banks. Online — I am not sure how it could be better. You can choose to lock in the rate when you want in real time.

You can also watch what is happening each step of the transaction and set it up to send email alerts if you wish.

Canadian Forex like many of their competitors have a tiered rate. Based on the transaction I did online, the difference in the mid-market rate and the rate I was offered was 0. I am really happy with CanadianForex so far — link opens to a new window and will give you two fee free transactions. That said, it is a small price to pay knowing your money is safe and secure.

Speed wise, I use to send all my money using banks and typically it will take 5 to 7 days for banks to transact. You must be logged in to post a comment. Transumo Money Transfers We will save you. Yep, you could learn about this stuff for ever OR simply ask us directly with your money transfer question. Name not required Email required Approx Amounts to Transfer? Leave This Field Empty. October 30, by transumoadmin Leave a Comment. It's only fair to share Speak Your Mind Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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