How to Disable Voice & Video Calls on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp's privacy settings are changing, and not for the better. As of today, disable call option in whatsapp phone numbers of WhatsApp users will be shared with parent company Facebook.

This will allow Facebook to run analytics on user activity and send you friend requests for people you talk to in WhatsApp. And of course, it will allow Facebook to serve targeted ads to WhatsApp users. Thankfully, there is a way to opt out of this. But WhatsApp's opt-out period is only 30 days long, so if you don't want your phone number shared with Facebook, opt out disable call option in whatsapp before the window closes. WhatsApp keeps the policy change somewhat hidden, but there are two options.

When you update to the newest version of WhatsApp, you'll see a new set of terms and conditions. Once the app is done updating, the first screen in the process will come up.

Don't tap "Agree" just yet! Scroll all the way down and uncheck the box that will share your WhatsApp info with Facebook. If you've already updated to the latest version and just breezed through the setup, go into your WhatsApp settings. Just uncheck that box and you are done. Read the Terms and Conditions When you update to the newest version of WhatsApp, you'll see a new set disable call option in whatsapp terms and conditions.

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