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Classification Regression 82 Clustering 74 Other Categorical 37 Numerical Mixed Less than 10 98 10 to Greater than Less than 25 to Greater than Matrix Non-Matrix This data set compromises the metadata for the AAAI conference's accepted papers main domain age of the binary 5 exposed onlyincluding paper titles, abstracts, and keywords of varying granularity.

This data set compromises the metadata for the AAAI conference's accepted papers, including paper titles, authors, abstracts, and keywords of varying granularity. Predict the age of abalone from physical measurements. Abscisic Acid Signaling Network: The objective is to determine the set of boolean rules that describe the interactions of the nodes domain age of the binary 5 exposed this plant signaling network.

The dataset includes separate boolean pseudodynamic simulations using an asynchronous update scheme. This dataset comprises information regarding the ADLs performed by two users on a daily basis in their own homes. The dataset collects data from a wearable accelerometer mounted on the chest. The dataset is intended for Activity Recognition research purposes. This dataset contains temporal data from a Wireless Sensor Network worn domain age of the binary 5 exposed an actor performing the activities: Activity recognition with healthy older people using a batteryless wearable sensor: Sequential motion data from 14 healthy older people aged 66 to 86 years old using a batteryless, wearable sensor on domain age of the binary 5 exposed of their clothing for the recognition of activities in clinical environments.

The data was created by a medical expert as a data set to test the expert system, which will perform the presumptive diagnosis of two diseases of the urinary system. Also known as "Census Income" dataset. Contains the responses of a gas multisensor device deployed on the field in an Italian city.

Hourly responses averages are recorded along with gas concentrations references from a certified analyzer. NASA data set, obtained from a series of aerodynamic and acoustic tests of two and three-dimensional airfoil blade sections conducted in an anechoic wind tunnel.

Amazon's InfoSec is getting smarter about the way Access data is leveraged. This is an anonymized sample of access provisioned within the company. Amazon Commerce reviews set: The dataset is used for authorship identification in online Writeprint which is a new research field of pattern recognition.

Anonymous Microsoft Web Data: Log of anonymous users of www. Acoustic features extracted from syllables of anuran frogs calls, including the family, the genus, and the species labels multilabel.

Experimental data used to create regression models of appliances energy use in a low energy building. The datasets' positive class consists of component failures for a specific component of the APS system. The negative class consists of trucks with failures for components not related to the APS. This is a two-class classification problem with continuous input variables. This dataset is one of 5 datasets of the NIPS feature selection challenge. Distinguish between the presence and absence of cardiac arrhythmia and classify domain age of the binary 5 exposed in one of the 16 groups.

Dataset artificially generated by using first order theory which describes structure of ten capital letters of English alphabet. Nominal audiology dataset from Baylor.

Standardized version of the original audiology database. Australian Sign Language signs: This data consists of sample of Auslan Australian Sign Language signs. Examples of 95 signs were collected from five signers with a total of sign samples. Australian Sign Language signs High Quality: This dataset is related to classification and domain age of the binary 5 exposed tasks. Children screening data for autism suitable for classification and predictive tasks.

From Ward's Automotive Yearbook. AutoUniv is an advanced data generator for classifications tasks. The aim is to reflect the nuances and heterogeneity of real data. Data can be generated in. The data set is composed of 60 chorales events by J. Each event of each chorale is labelled using 1 among chord labels and described through 14 features.

Time-series data based on chorales; challenge is to learn generative grammar; data in Lisp. This data set contains five text collections in the form of bags-of-words. Data domain age of the binary 5 exposed used in cognitive psychology experiment; 4 data sets represent different conditions of an experiment.

The data is related with direct marketing campaigns phone calls of a Portuguese banking institution. The classification goal is to predict if the client will subscribe a term deposit variable y. Data were extracted from images that were domain age of the binary 5 exposed for the evaluation of an authentication procedure for banknotes.

This hourly data set contains the PM2. Meanwhile, meteorological data from Beijing Capital International Airport are also included. This dataset contains the hourly and daily count of rental bikes between years and in Capital bikeshare system with the corresponding weather and seasonal information. Instances in this dataset contain features extracted from blog posts. The task associated with the data is to predict how many comments the post will receive.

In this paper, we look for to recognize the causes of users tend to cyber space in Kohkiloye and Boyer Ahmad Province in Iran.

Blood Transfusion Service Center: Breast Cancer Data Restricted Access. Breast Cancer Wisconsin Diagnostic: Diagnostic Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database. Breast Cancer Wisconsin Original: Original Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database. Breast Cancer Wisconsin Prognostic: Prognostic Wisconsin Breast Cancer Database. Dataset with electrical impedance measurements of freshly excised tissue samples from the breast.

Buzz in social media: This data-set contains examples of buzz events from two different social networks: Twitter, and Tom's Hardware, a forum network focusing on new technology with more conservative dynamics.

CalIt2 Building People Counts: Derived from simple hierarchical decision model, this database may be useful for testing constructive induction and structure discovery methods. The dataset consists of measurements of fetal heart rate FHR and uterine contraction UC features on cardiotocograms classified by expert obstetricians.

Cargo Freight Tracking and Tracing: Sanitized and anonymized Cargo C2K airfreight tracking and tracing events, covering five months of business execution 3, process instances, 7, transport legs, 56, activities. Also known as "Adult" dataset. This data set contains weighted census data extracted from the domain age of the binary 5 exposed current population surveys conducted by the U. Cervical cancer Risk Factors: The features cover demographic information, habits, and historic medical records.

Character images from scanned and computer generated fonts. Multiple, labelled samples of pen tip trajectories recorded whilst writing individual characters. All samples are from the same writer, for the purposes of primitive extraction. Only characters with a single pen-down segment were considered. The research project presents this database, shows the images of chestnuts that will be processed to determine the presence or absence of defects.

ChIP-seq experiments characterize protein modifications or binding at specific genomic locations in specific samples. The machine learning problem in these data is structured binary classification. This dataset can be used to predict the domain age of the binary 5 exposed kidney disease and it can be collected from the hospital nearly 2 months of period.

Climate Model Simulation Crashes: Given Latin hypercube samples of 18 climate model input parameter values, predict climate model simulation crashes and determine the parameter value combinations that cause the failures.

This data consists of black and white face images of people taken with varying pose straight, left, right, upexpression neutral, happy, sad, angryeyes wearing sunglasses or notand size.

This is a data set containing documents of free text business descriptions of Brazilian companies categorized into a subset of 9 categories. Coil Competition Data: The data contains measurements of river chemical concentrations and algae densities.

Combined Cycle Power Plant: The dataset contains data points collected from a Combined Cycle Power Plant over 6 yearswhen the plant was set to work with full load.

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