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The umbrella term 'commodities' covers all sorts of product that can be traded on financial markets. From trade support jobs in London through to broker positions all over the world, commodities jobs can be found in trading, sales and structuring, whether the commodities are the actual physical materials traded by the commodities trading houses or the many derivative products favoured by investment banks.

Commodity traders are entry level oil broker jobs london responsible for one particular commodity in which they have expertise. The trader is expected to generate a profit by either buying or selling the entry level oil broker jobs london themselves or the derivatives that arise from them at the right price and time. This role involves regular in-depth market analysis as well as entry level oil broker jobs london commodity research in order to make the strategic short and long term investment decisions required to maximise returns.

For commodity traders working with actual physical products, further factors such as shipping and storage costs must also be assessed. Often, these traders will also use derivative products to hedge the risks they face. Sales positions within the commodities market are mainly found in larger investment banks. The targeted clients will be both commodity producers, who might wish to use derivative entry level oil broker jobs london to reduce entry level oil broker jobs london price exposure, and potential investors looking to make money from buying and selling commodities at the right time, again often using derivatives.

Sales positions are ideal for those who can find and develop client relationships, combined with a good analytical brain. Commodity sales persons will need to keep up with the latest market conditions in order to explain to their clients the rationale behind strategies that could be used to service their account.

The role of creating the commodities products offered to clients tends to be so statistically focused, so most banks will require applicants to hold a Masters degree in a mathematically focused subject to achieve even a junior role.

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Funnily enough, commodity brokers deal in physical commodities. Essentially, these expert traders broker commodity contracts on behalf of companies. Typically working for investment banks, clearing houses and broking companies, they trade financial derivatives based on commodities such as oil, gas, metals and food products.

On a day-to-day basis, commodity brokers are responsible for surveying international markets, conducting research and keeping up-to-date with the latest financial news. They then get stuck into trading commodities for their clients. Commodity brokers also provide expert advice to their clients, as well as implementing hedging strategies for them.

Furthermore, commodity brokers spend a large part of their time visiting suppliers, meeting with clients, and overseeing logistics arrangements for them. Finally, they are also responsible for building relationships with potential clients and developing new business opportunities. Brokers are also usually given sizeable bonuses and commission payments based on performance. Aspiring commodity brokers should be ready for a career with lots of stress and pressure.

Expect early starts and late finishes. Different markets operate at different times, and this will therefore have an impact on your specific working hours. Investment banks, commodity broking companies and clearing houses only tend to recruit the very best graduates.

Candidates with a degree in any subject can enter this line of work. If you study a relevant subject, such as business studies, economics, maths, statistics, operational research or accounting, you may stand a better chance of securing an entry-level position. Completing an internship or work experience placement with an investment bank or clearing house is a great idea, and pretty much essential for entry into this competitive area of work.

Many commodity brokers start their careers as part of a graduate scheme. These training programmes tend to last around two years. If you are accepted onto a graduate scheme, the majority of your training will be done whilst on the job under the supervision of senior brokers.

You will also have the opportunity to attend in-house training sessions from time to time. Commodity brokers must be registered with the Financial Services Authority before they can start trading, which means passing a number of exams. As you gain more experience and move up the career ladder, you will become an associate and then a senior associate. Some people eventually move into director-level roles. The international nature of trading means that you may also get the opportunity to work abroad at some point in your career.

What about all the good times we shared? Ok, before you go, just tell us one thing…. Cancel account I've changed my mind. Working hours Aspiring commodity brokers should be ready for a career with lots of stress and pressure.

You may also be required to travel internationally from time to time. Entry Investment banks, commodity broking companies and clearing houses only tend to recruit the very best graduates.