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This topic provides details of features supported by the various editions of SQL Server For information about older versions, see: Installation requirements vary based on your application needs. For the latest release notes and what's new information, see the following: Most Web sites have their middle-tier IIS systems on one server or a cluster of servers, and their databases on a separate server or federation of servers. By default, none of the features in the tree are selected.

Use the information in the following tables to determine the set of excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias that best fits your needs. There are no limits under the Core-based Server Licensing model.

En Standard Edition hay compatibilidad con dos nodos. On Standard edition there is support for two nodes. A basic availability group supports two replicas, with one database. For more information about basic availability groups, see Basic Availability Groups. The max degrees of parallelism is limited.

This refers to columnstore indexes created over disk-based tables and memory-optimized tables. The premium offering, SQL Server SQL Server Enterprise edition delivers comprehensive high-end datacenter capabilities with blazing-fast performance, unlimited virtualization, and end-to-end business intelligence — enabling high service levels for mission-critical workloads and end user access to data insights. Standard edition delivers basic data management and business intelligence database for departments and small organizations to run their applications and supports common development tools for on-premise and cloud — enabling effective database management with minimal IT resources.

Web edition is a low total-cost-of-ownership option for Web hosters and Web VAPs to provide scalability, affordability, and manageability capabilities for small to large scale Web properties. It includes all the functionality of Enterprise edition, excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias is licensed for use as a development and test system, not as a production server. Developer is an ideal choice for people who build and test applications. Express edition is the entry-level, free database and is ideal for learning and building desktop and small server data-driven applications.

It is the best choice for independent software vendors, developers, and hobbyists building client applications. Express LocalDB, a lightweight version of Express that has all of its programmability features, runs in user mode and has a fast, zero-configuration installation and a short list of prerequisites.

Ediciones Express Express editions. Analysis Services Analysis Services. Reporting Services Reporting Services. Integration Services Integration Services. MDS can be configured to manage any domain products, customers, accounts and includes hierarchies, granular security, transactions, data versioning, and business rules, as well as an Complemento para Excel Add-in for Excel that can be used to manage data.

Machine Learning Services In-Database supports distributed, scalable machine learning solutions using enterprise data sources. Machine Learning Server Standalone supports deployment of distributed, scalable machine learning solutions on multiple platforms and using multiple enterprise data sources, including Linux, Hadoop, and Teradata. Motor de base de datos Database Engine Tuning Advisor helps create optimal sets of indexes, indexed views, and partitions. Cliente de calidad de datos Data Quality Client.

Provides a highly simple and intuitive excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias user interface to connect to the DQS server, and perform data cleansing operations. It excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias allows you to centrally monitor various activities performed during the data cleansing operation.

Anteriormente denominado Business Intelligence Development Studio. Formerly called Business Intelligence Development Studio. Database developers can excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias the enhanced Server Explorer in Visual Studio to easily create or edit database objects and data, or execute queries.

Componentes de conectividad Connectivity Components. Memoria ilimitada Unlimited memory. Compatibilidad con Server Core 1 Server core support 1. Trasvase de registros Log shipping. Solo testigo Witness only. Grupos de disponibilidad AlwaysOn 3 Always On availability groups 3.

Copias de seguridad reflejadas Mirrored backups. Copia de seguridad cifrada Encrypted backup. Stretch Database Stretch Database.

Memoria principal persistente Persistent Main Memory. Compatibilidad con varias instancias Excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias support.

Regulador de recursos Resource Governor. Paralelismo de tabla con particiones Partitioned Table Parallelism. Varios contenedores de secuencias de archivo Multiple Filestream containers. Perdurabilidad diferida Delayed Durability. Combinaciones adaptables de modo de proceso por lotes Batch Mode Adaptive Joins. Seguridad de nivel de fila Row-level security. Always Encrypted Always Encrypted. Cifrado de base de datos transparente Transparent database encryption.

Roles definidos por el usuario User-defined roles. Bases de datos independientes Contained databases. Cifrado para copias de seguridad Encryption for backups. Instancias de usuario User instances. Compatibilidad con SysPrep 1 SysPrep support 1. Compatibilidad con scripting de PowerShell 2 PowerShell scripting support 2. Recopilador de datos de rendimiento Performance data collector. Vistas distribuidas con particiones Distributed partitioned views.

Operaciones indizadas en paralelo Parallel indexed operations. Nodo principal de Polybase Polybase head node. Tipos de datos de fecha y hora Date and Time datatypes. No excel elegir entre varias opciones binarias cliente No Client only. Crear cubos sin base de datos Create cubes without a database. Bibliotecas espaciales avanzadas Advanced spatial libraries.

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You place the sections of code that might throw exceptions in a try block and place code that handles exceptions in a catch block. The order of catch statements is important. When an exception occurs, it is passed up the stack and each catch block is given the opportunity to handle it. The catch block that should handle the exception is determined by matching the type of the exception to the name of the exception specified in the catch block.

If no type-specific catch block exists, the exception is caught by a general catch block, if one exists. For example, you can catch general exceptions by adding the following code: You place catch blocks targeted to specific types of exceptions before a general exception. The common language runtime catches exceptions that are not caught by a catch block. Depending on how the runtime is configured, either a debug dialog box appears, or the program stops executing and a dialog box with exception information appears.

For information about debugging, see Debugging and Profiling Applications http: For more information about how to handle exceptions, see Best Practices for Handling Exceptions http: Trust a Location How to: Save from Excel Client to the Server How to: Save from Excel Client to the Server.

Message End Try If no type-specific catch block exists, the exception is caught by a general catch block, if one exists.

Message End Try You place catch blocks targeted to specific types of exceptions before a general exception. Ejemplo Example using System; using System. WriteLine "Total rows in range: WriteLine "Sum in last column is: This also closes the session. Change the path to the workbook ' to point to a workbook you have access to. DefaultCredentials Try ' Call the OpenWorkbook method and point to the ' trusted location of the workbook to open.

Message Catch e As Exception Console. Message End Try Console.