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I am unable to find the right translation for "angebrachte" in this context. Its an insurance document. The context does not make a lot of sense to me. I can't see how hail Hagel can be "angebracht" attached to a building.

The "insurance" Gebauedeversicherung covers the "property attached to the building" against the damages caused by hail, storm, etc. What is the preceding sentence Amya. Is this sentence repeated but with different 'causes' of the damage to exterior attachments, i. The most widely used term in this context is 'attachment s ', 'property attachments', 'attachments to property', or 'fixtures'.

I don't understand the 'Hagel' here unless it is used in a context to describe damage by 'Hagel' to 'property attachments' or 'attachments to property'. Of course, Hans, I think everyone agrees with Nicola that it is 'that which is attached to a property', but 'angebrachte' cannot possibly mean things affecting the exterior of the property, I'm sure. I find the 'Hagel' here somewhat misplaced Das sind keine 'angebrachte' Sachen.

Graham, This is one sub-point. Could this be something relating to "Betriebskostenverordnung bei Immobilienleasing" where there are clauses pertaining to the Insurance where the landlord and the tenant are respectively responsible?

What was the preceding sentence. This just can't be right. I guess, this refers to things like antennas, or other devices that are prone to the force of elements and thus not coverable under insurance. Otherwise, could be paraphrased as "hail damage to the building's exterior" - but loses the sense of "Sachen". Site Map Advertise Mobile View. EN English — English. Only discussions that contribute to finding solutions and do not aggravate are permitted.

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The question was closed automatically because the person who asked this question did not close the question in proper time. Edited by Graham Patrick Oxtoby on This is the exact text.

I have not rewritten or edited it. Otherwise things attached to the outside of the property. I agree with Nicola in this context.

Haehnel TC Master Agree. I just noticed "Hagel" and I removed my answer as I was totally off Hans Ulrich Nadler Agree. They are probably referring to damage of outside attachments due to hail, Graham.

In which case terms like Hagel, Sturm etc come under "force major" i. It would read things affecting the exterior of the property hail things affecting the exterior of the property storm things affecting the exterior of the property drinking water etc Now, that would be silly wouldn't it Refer to my comment in the comments column above. Graham Patrick Oxtoby Agree.

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