Agriculture: Data and Statistics: International

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Following is the third in a four-part series from the U. The USDA year outlook is a scenario based on what would be expected to happen under a continuation of current farm legislation and specific assumptions about external conditions. It is not a forecast. Data from GTA includes variety meats. However, both China and Canada are net exporters over the entire outlook period. Despite the relatively strict access conditions, offal and pork by-products from a wide range of countries enter China, primarily via Hong Kong.

The ratio of pork, poultry, beef, mutton and other livestock product consumption is 64 percent, 19 percent, 9 percent, 6 percent and 2 percent respectively. For the nation as a whole, most pork intake is at-home consumption. The number and diversity of restaurants is growing rapidly, and there is a proliferation of chain restaurants that constitute potential large end-users of U. It is believed that most U. There is a small but growing volume of U.

Canada is global trade atlas gta second largest supplier, followed by much smaller volumes global trade atlas gta Chile.

Mexico consumes much less pork than either poultry or beef. Of combined beef, pork and poultry consumption duringpoultry accounted for 43 percent, followed by beef with 36 percent and pork with 22 percent. Japan remains the largest pork global trade atlas gta in the world over the outlook period, with imports totaling 1. The United States is the largest supplier to the Global trade atlas gta pork market, with 38 percent market share duringfollowed by the European Union EU with 25 percent mainly Denmarkand Canada with 19 percent.

China exports processed sausages to Japan, accounting for 7 percent of total pork imports. High feed prices, aging farmers and impacts of a potential Doha agreement could all result in lower domestic pork production. Pork is the most popular meat in Japan, excluding seafood, with per global trade atlas gta consumption at 20 kg per capita 44 pounds compared to poultry and beef at 15 kg 33 pounds and 9. Seafood consumption is declining due to high prices. From toconsumption fell High value pork items, including chilled loins, account for significant volume and value of U.

It projects a 6 percent increase inglobal trade atlas gta by 4 percent and 3 percent growth in andand then imports are projected to increase by 2 percent annually through South Korea is currently about 70 percent self-sufficient in pork production but, like Japan, self-sufficiency will likely continue to decrease as farmers face global trade atlas gta costs of production.

The EU is currently the largest supplier to South Korea with 42 percent market share, followed by the U. To defend and increase U. It worked with restaurants to prepare for COOL regulations at the restaurant level by helping chefs understand the benefits of serving high quality U.

Russia provides strong domestic support to its pork industry, but it still is only 70 percent self-sufficient. Brazil is the largest supplier with 47 percent market share, followed by the EU with 32 percent, and the United States and Canada each account for about 10 percent.

The EU benefits from access to the largest country-specific tariff rate quota TRQ ofmetric tons TRQ of 49, metric tons Pork consumption in Russia is about equivalent to poultry consumption at 19 kg per capita Much of the pork consumed in Russia is processed.

Petersburgwhere journalists and chefs attended a master class. Currently, the weak dollar and plentiful U. However, it is difficult to forecast exchange rate fluctuations, and it is unknown whether Russia will continue its TRQ system after These and other factors will impact U. Major Beef Importing Countries. Meat Export Federation www. Import Duties by Country.

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