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Warning The following list is just speculation; no guarantee of accuracy. But generally I omit those whose usage is not interesting or its meaning is too obvious. The letter after "k" indicates what kernel layer this data structure belongs in. Usually that knowledge can give you a hint at what an Oracle internal error is about. If the letter "k" is preceded by "s", as in skgxpthen it's an OSD operating system dependent function or variable. Letters after the first two represent how to read mysql binary logs egloocom, such as "l" in kgl means library cache.

These are not easy to guess. You can also use this table to see if a specific buffer has too many clones: Lewis Practical Oracle8ip. Its flag column is explained by J. Lewis ; explanation of state, mode and indx can be found in Anjo Kolk's paper.

Tim is time the buffer touch happened Some people use this query to find how many blocks of a segment are in each buffer pool: Also see Ref1Ref2Ref3. Adams and K Gopalakrishnan use this view to find how much the current redo log is filled.

Eygle studied instance heartbeat, column cphbt. If lwm is too low, you may see 'gc freelist' wait. Info about redo strands. Private strands may be disabled in RAC or if supplemental logging is on, but multistrand redo is still used. Only populated in ASM instance. You can check how many certain size extents are allocated for each datafile, e.

Their kglobt02 command type is how to read mysql binary logs egloocom, kglobt09 child number is for the child, SQL text length is cut to 20 chars, kglobt17 and kglobt18 parsing and user schema are 0 or for bit Oracle depending on if it's parent or child, and obviously miss heap 6 cursor body. Note this is PGA. Need to dump another process's PGA to view it. Adams"What it returns depends on which heap descriptor you join to it.

It is effectively a function returning the contents of an arbitrary heap that takes the heap descriptor as its argument. Note that query on this table can only be done once; subsequent query returns no rows unless large chunk shared pool allocations happened in the interim. Note that the 4 bytes containing the version are how to read mysql binary logs egloocom as XX. XX so is 9. Indx is SGA index, i. Often used to see undocumented parameters: Poder finds hidden recursive session based on ksuseflg.

But on Linux up to Oracle Metalink Mark Bobak and Melissa Holman explain the bit for isolation level. How to read mysql binary logs egloocom related to in-memory undo. See 7th bullet of IMU. There're so many optimizer parameters the two documented views are missing that sometimes you need how to read mysql binary logs egloocom query these base tables directly. Since it's about UGA, each session has different content.

Unfortunately this is not very useful because you can't see the UGA content from a different session. Partly because internals information can be useful for tuning and troubleshooting. But also because Oracle Corporation has kept most of the internals secret, while revealing just enough to tantalize. Oracle Internals guru, Steve Adams Warning The following list is just speculation; no guarantee of accuracy. Ref in my 9i DB: DB link, Ref ;kglnaownkglnaptm: Subscribe to RSS Skin design by egloos.

Why are people so intensely interested in Oracle internals? The most common use of this table is to find the object and the file and block of its header when there's high cache buffers chains latch contention: Retain records of them after they were dropped. See Ref1Ref2. Dividing bfs by bsz gives mxr the maximum number of blocks to read size " from Anjo Kolk's paper. Kgllkadr column is shown in event trace files to find SQLs in session cursor cache Ref.

Ref ; Bug Row cache cursor statistics, columns explained in "How can you tune it? You can see SGA parameters in ksmfsnam column and get their values with oradebug dumpvar varname or all values with oradebug dumpsga.

Refer to Metalink Notes Entire SGA memory map. PGA heap variable area. The 3rd argument of ORA tells you which section of shared or java or large pool is short of memory.

UGA heap variable area. Acronym how to read mysql binary logs egloocom by K Gopalakrishnan. Current list of reasons for parallel execution dequeuing, as explained for wait event "parallel query dequeue wait" in Anjo Kolk's paper. May be the place where processes store and fetch messages.

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In this article, well enumerate and discuss these options, the best methods and tips, to help you see which one works best for you. Binary Options Binary options work on a simple yes or no proposition with capped profit and risk potentials.

Like other financial markets, it includes a bid and ask price that fluctuates until the expiry of the option. Trading can happen on any of the popular binary options brokers around. Its worth noting that binary options traded in and outside the U.