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Windows 7 Pre-compiled Binary Install Issue. I have done everything according to the readme and yet, I cannot get it to open or run. I have run the command checkdependencies on each tool and it recognizes all of the other tools. I am frustrated and I have looked for a workable answer on here and on Google and I could not find one that is institutional trading and agency broker dealership enough for someone whose programming language knowledge is enough that I can move directories in the command prompt but that is about it.

I got it to work and run the test using the Gravel set. I now would like to know if there is a GUI available for Windows 7 users? If not, could someone help me through it?

Again, I've looked through all of the other threads and none are fulfilling my specific needs. Indeed, you'll see it's actually easier some of the tools are not working correctly on windows so far. There is a GUI, you can find it in "interface" folder. However i would also advise you to use the command line.

It s not that complicated, you'll be fasterand will get better support here. So for command line, then, can you or someone else point me in the direction of a tutorial of all the commands I would need to learn?

Hi, I am running Micmac on Win7 for quite some time now. Your problems might be solved by installing Micmac in a folder without spaces like C: Can somebody please help me on installing MicMac on Windows 8. Actually I manage to install it but whenever I open the interface a commandprompt-like-window appears and last only for a few seconds. Please help me guys, I badly need this program. Page 1 sur 1. Utilisateurs parcourant ce forum:

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