CT Options Rips Me Off Again!

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Those are the best scammers in the issa brothers trading options industry. The values mentioned in the replicator PRO are also so unreal. The strike rates in this broker platform and manipulations will result in huge amount of loss. Please stay out of it. Any body with problems is welcome to contact me patrickh ctoption. Dear Daniel Harris I will check your issue and try to help. Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: I have been a CTOption client for a little over a month now using the Replicator Pro service exclusively, not following random traders in their social trading system.

My account manager is very responsive and helpful. The compliance department has also been very responsive. So far it has been a good experience. For now I will reserve comment of what I really think. So benefit of the doubt to you - maybe you could showcase the Replicator Pro during a live trading session. Would put other traders in the position to follow what you are doing on issa brothers trading options own live issa brothers trading options time charts. Don't get me wrong - I for one will not follow those trades on my own account, just sit back and watch you trade them.

His emial billys ctoption. MY advice to anyone who thing of joining this business please you better work overtime do not ever thing you get rich or earn. As time progressed, they would not allow withdrawals. Eventually they reduced my account to ZERO. Everyone, spread the word. It is a scam. Your account will show great profits and returns, and within a couple of weeks the broker will ask you to deposit more funds so your account can trade with more volume. This means your trading volume will be reset to ZERO and the process starts over again.

Understand they ONLY trade your money, not the matching, not the profits. I asked why the profits were not being invested to achieve a greater return and he danced around the issue. I started asking what the issue was if this was my money and he said it was their policy and to read the details on the website which I did.

He said he would ask the board about advancing money and would call me back. Days passed and I never heard another word. I filled out a request for withdrawal on the website on a Friday.

This is a scam, they are no agencies regulating any of these brokers, the money will be gone. Do not waste your time. This website and others like it are part of the scam. You will not see real complaints only whitewashed issues and fake claims of trading and profits. You will see posts of how they got money immediately which are not true. You will notice all the adds these agencies have on this website which is the payoff to keep the scam moving.

Guys, many of you don't know what CTOption. Check this Abusive response from CTOption. You will be surprised when you see this abusive message given by ctoption. Do you think real professionals does that? Just stay away from that scam broker ctoption. If you issa brothers trading options to revenge this scam broker then please go to andoid, apple store for ctoption app and rate their pathetic service. Don't ever invest with this broker i am not talking about investing i telling a story of stealing.

May edited May Good you are a perfect example of a victim and honestly it was your issa brothers trading options that got you and people that don't follow these rules deserve what they get. Once again I will repeat it over and over you should have done your issa brothers trading options first Most are greedy and stupid believing complete strangers with large sums over the phone which makes them easy targets for these con men Basic rules to follow as when just starting out in binary options Rule 1 - Never invest money you can't afford to lose.

Rule 2 - Never allow a broker to trade for you. Rule 3 - Start trading with a demo account first to prove viability and learn how to trade. It breaks Rule 3. Rule 5 - Never accept a bonus that requires turnover and traps your money from being withdrawn. They hope you deposit and are unskilled in trading so you slowly or issa brothers trading options lose the money to them pure and simple Sir i am unhappy real ctoption is big big big scam.

She didnt reply my email. For ur information I was surprised in the historical account of the evidence I have to withdraw profit was deleted in the record only evidence I deposit money only in ctoption.

I HOPE all investors do not make something stupid to invest issa brothers trading options ctoption more attractive because they promise in their website and especially about copyrade replicator is a lie that issa brothers trading options us a loss because they can not make a withdrawal.

Why are you guys scamming helpless newbies though? Here is an email I had from somebody having problems with CToption - I am currently having a problem. I'm not sure what's going on. A couple of days later, I was contacted by someone from Push Money.

How are they related? The person I assigned to at CTopion gave e a 5 minute spill about selecting issa brothers trading options to follow. That was it, I was on my own. Went 3 o ine were in negative numbers, I couldn't find out what to do.

I would file a chargeback with your credit card company or suck up the money as a loss because CToption is a bucketshop roach motel for anybody who trades with them. If you like you can contact Ryan SignalPush and see if he can help you with your CToption problems as he has some pull with them.

June edited June When you have employees like Robbie Issa "Brown" trying to push people into that scam trade copier, well you just look really bad. CTOption will do nothing. Patrick makes a bold claim and then immediately falls back on Terms and Conditions. The trades with their "replicator" are rigged to fail in their favor based on fake trades with no basis in reality or the marketplace. In the beginning when you have a "trader" work for you they use the "GW" replicator to win win win to engage your greed and entice you to deposit more funds.

Once you ask for a withdrawal suddenly all your trades will lose. My broker was always pushing me to deposit more so he could do bigger trades. He told me he had discretion and I only need to do 3x volume before I could withdraw. I flat out told him it would be a fools game to invest more money before I had seen a return that Issa brothers trading options had access to. I asked why the same amount issa brothers trading options being traded and why the profits were not being traded rather than asking me to invest additional funds and he said they couldn't risk MY money, only theirs.

I said I had read it and that adding funds would reset the trading volume back to zero and increase the time before withdrawals were possible and that it was unethical to set those terms because he was setting the amount and volume of the trades. He said he had some sway. But I realized it was truly issa brothers trading options scam when I requested an advance from him via email issa brothers trading options the "calls" stopped, no reply came and immediately the volume and amount of issa brothers trading options increased and I began losing money immediately.

I tried many times to follow other traders but they are all rigged. The stats for winning traders, high profit values are all hooks to get you to follow them and you will win for days then LOSE from there on out. Write off your losses. They are con artists and thieves praying on people who are naive and thing the data they see is real time and accurate.

You are trading against these brokers, they truly do not want you winning anyways. Because of the same reason gabman states above. They don't want you to win. It's a conflict of interest. And like Raiden says, never never never ever let a broker trade for you, huge conflict of interest. I don't know that we need to delete the comments etc, your response to the issue should be enough to let people know the true story So, he signed up and took a bonus and then wanted to withdraw the bonus without trading?

Definitely not something that is allowed, no scam there Issa brothers trading options is not a good place to do trades with, purely an unethical scam artist operation. When I realized the deception about the bonus option it was too late.

My broker never even explained the "catch" by accepting the bonus, all he focused on was making sure I "requested" it so they wouldn't forget. My broker pushed for me to deposit more.

I refused and submitted a request for a withdrawal. Since then I began to lose no matter issa brothers trading options I traded manually or used their bogus "follow trader" replicator. Please watch your tone or get banned from this forum.

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