MetaStock – The System Tester

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In all seriousness, the depth and functionality of Metastock is incredible and well worth giving a free three-month trial a go. Of course, once you buy Metastock you will need Metastock data, and this is where you need to be careful.

Depending on where you buy Metastock, you might be able to get data from them. At the very least, you can give Metastock a trial and take advantage of free MetaStock data from them. Also, there will be some suppliers of free MetaStock data , but this may not be a good idea. The quality of your Metastock data is critical if you are going to be trading the markets long term. If you do any form of system testing or market scans, then this becomes even more critical so choose your Metastock data supplier carefully.

Every professional trader who uses MetaStock will tell you how important the quality of your MetaStock data is. Your data is the most important part of your business. Also, you want to make sure your MetaStock data supplier cleans and adjusts the data for mistakes. Metastock Data errors can drastically change your results. Click here to see what effect dodgy free Metastock data can have on your results. Unfortunately, if you have inaccurate Metastock data, then your backtesting results will be wrong.

With inaccurate Metastock data, it would not be unheard of to get an entry signal for a trade you should never have entered. The only reason the signal appeared was due to inaccurate data. Previous versions of Metastock allowed you to download or access your data, including the free stuff.

Then version 13 of Metastock put an end to that, requiring a subscription through their datalink services. However, Metastock had quite a backlash from existing owners who thought that was a little rude. As a result, Version 14, their latest and greatest, has data provided through Metastock but also the ability to download your own. Premium data, sometimes known as Norgate Investment Services, is well renowned in Australia for providing clean, accurate and fully adjusted Metastock data. Further to this, the owner is an active trader just like you.

As a result of their commitment to quality data, we are happy to recommend them. Norgate Investor Services initially started out as a consulting firm to the futures industry way back in and through demand for accurate data, established their data service in Apart from the fact the owner relies on accurate data for his system tests, they also have a client base of dedicated system testers.

When these active traders find an error or a pricing mismatch or any data that is not quite right, they report it to Premium data. This process is to benefit all traders who are diligently running system tests across multiple exchanges. You find an error, you report it, they fix it, and everyone wins. Premium data conveniently organises many of the best CFD brokers group of stocks into convenient folders.

When you want to run an exploration or system test, you have the basket of securities for your preferred CFD broker. This will save you hours of manual data entry of putting each stock into a folder one by one.

Pure and simple, it is in their best interest to make sure your trading experience is first class. So many traders have complained over the years about dodgy data that they decided to come to the party. Their data can be trusted and is accurate. They make it their business to provide you with the best data you can so you can trade with confidence. The real core to their offering is the backup and support. You get access to unlimited technical support.

As a trader, you want this sort of guarantee and backup. They can do it. You can see their offer excellent flexibility with pay by the month or yearly, with the annual data fee earning you a discount. Hopefully, you have found the information on Metastock and free Metastock data helpful.