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I think this is an unfair assertion by you. I am the largest affiliate marketer and I own this industry! You can stay on the dollar menu if you like loser! Jacob will make 6 figures what will you make? I am not a crook!

Where are you from Nigeria? I am the biggest affiliate in binary options you are nothing!!! Michael freeman binary options website hear me nothing!!! You are just jealous of all the money I make from great robots like Virtnext and Citidel. When your girlfriends are busy sucking me off in the parking lot I want you to remember I am number 1 in the industry.

You are just sad losers, suckers and dumb gamblers. I will be in my penthouse while you guys are living on the streets. Don't hate the player hate yourself for being losers.

Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: January edited January in Complaints. I've been to this industry for a long time and I fallow every scam who are out there. Recently, it seem as Binaryoptionswatchdog as multiple website that are starting to blast every FB groups out there or signals provider. I know that watchDog is run by Mike and I presume that he's back in full force with his many new sites that all of them are connected.

If you check all those sites, they all pointed out to one website or group or auto trader and it's MF. I'm trying to spread the word so you guys can protect this from many people. I will promote only your site cause right now, I can't trust anyone except you guys. Here's the list of the site that michael freeman binary options website run by the same person or paid Mike to promote them. Also there's a new guy on FB who is called Jacob Jones who work for Mike or related to him who as a new website that brings everyone to Mike.

January edited January I'm not here to blast your FB group cause from what I've heard you have good traders. But to promote other companies like Virtnext is a bit low. Michael freeman binary options website are the top affiliate guy on the market, why try to make more by promoting bad signals companies?

Also, true there's a lot of scammed groups out there but some are good, very few but those ones deserve better. I would love to promote a signals group like MFs but I need empirical data such as what signal hive provides these Junkware bots and signals groups these affiliate marketers post are not likely to make you money in REAL LIFE.

I would promote any signal group if you can prove you are stable with true numbers that will make money I have yet to find that and won't waste my time doing reviews on anything that will not benefit the user. Awww, I like the dollar menu, it's one of my favorite! It's fast and convenient. I agree with tiger this guy is a waste of time he made an aitotrader to lose money for clients and to fill his pockets. He throws people out of his Facebook for no reason and then can see when other groups do well.

Always has to stick his nose in michael freeman binary options website it don't belong. I'm not comfortable with paid signals, usually its double the trouble when it back fires. Taken signals from brokers! They are there to make you lose. So funny, are michael freeman binary options website sure you don't work for a broker? Ok lets clear some points because people are laughing at you Elvis as we might think you have left the building Elvis michael freeman binary options website left the building Ok so 1 are you with a small undercapitalized broker as in do you work for one?

What pray tell might that brokers name be if so? So you think investing in an undercapitalized unregulated broker is wise because you work for one? In my small frame of knowledge and please forgive me michael freeman binary options website I am not as wise as the average Albanian such as your self, that michael freeman binary options website brokers make money from customer losses so would that not be even more so with a small undercapitalized broker such as most of michael freeman binary options website complaints you see on the internet in places such as forex peace army.

Is that not so much the case and please feel free to enlighten me how with the small undercapitalized unregulated binary options broker that risk is removed? Sign In or Register to comment.

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We will redirect hard questions direct to the support. It is advantageous but not necessary to log out after each trading session if other people have access to your computer. You trade at either at your computer at home or on your small smartphone on the go.

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