Settlement Times by Security Type

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You get the personal touch and expertise of a boutique style brokerage firm with the same low fees of a discount firm. Employee Stock Plans The prospectus and, if available, the summary prospectus contain this and other information about the investment company. To obtain a prospectus contact StockCross at Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Detailed information on our policies and the risks associated with options can be found in the StockCross Options Application and AgreementCustomer Agreementand by online trading faqs the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Optionsand Supplements from The Options Clearing Corporation, or by requesting a copy from StockCross free of charge.

Margin trading involves interest charges and risks, including the potential to lose more than deposited or the need to deposit additional collateral in a falling market. Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients and online trading faqs no guarantee of future performance or success.

Employee Stock Plans Open an Account. Call Today Planning Overview New to Investing? Trading Open your account. Choose your skill level. What is required for an online trading account?

You can open an online account two ways: Opening an online account requires that you click through the online account process, answering all pertinent information about the account holder s.

Once through this process, you are ready to log into our online online trading faqs and begin upon approval. To open an account via mail, download our new account form. It is a fillable form that will allow you to enter your information in text fields. Once this is finished, print the form and mail it to us at the headquarters address. You will be sent a online trading faqs account package in business days when your account has been set up. In this package will be the information for your online login.

You are automatically enrolled for eDocs electronic statements and confirms when you activate your online privileges. You can also get email trade notifications. You can activate this yourself in the help section of the site.

As of now, StockCross is in the process of developing a hand held trading platform. If you want to be updated via email drop us a line and we will email you with updates about where we are in this process. What is the minimum amount required for opening an account? Your minimum initial deposit is based on the account type you have selected and may be modified by special promotional offers. The online application is the fastest way to open and fund your new account.

If you successfully open and fund your account electronically, you may begin trading the same market day upon approval. Setting up your own self-directed IRA is easy. See our mutual funds page for a complete list of the fund families we offer. For more information please call our mutual funds department at If you want to be updated via email drop online trading faqs a line and we will email updates about where we are in this process. Is an IRA contribution tax-deductible?

Contributions to a Traditional IRA may online trading faqs tax-deductible. Consult your tax professional for details. All contributions to a Roth IRA are taxable. Income restrictions may limit the amount you can contribute to a Roth IRA. If you are over the age of online trading faqs before the close of the taxable year, you may contribute more than the basic annual IRA contribution limit- Catch up contribution.

You may take an early distribution in some cases. An early distribution penalty will be assessed. Consult a tax professional when considering this type of distribution. Annual contributions may be withdrawn tax-free and penalty-free by the due date for the tax year in which they were contributed. To process the conversion, please contact our customer online trading faqs department for all appropriate forms and online trading faqs and to answer questions you may have.

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Important legal information about the email you will be sending. By using this service, you agree to input your real email address and only send it to people you know.

It is a violation of law in some jurisdictions to falsely identify yourself in an email. All information you provide will be used by Fidelity solely for the purpose of sending the email on your behalf. The subject line of the email you send will be "Fidelity. For illustrative purposes only. Before you submit an order online, a preview screen allows you to review all the details of the order. You can edit or cancel the order before submitting it.

Once your order is placed, an order confirmation screen which contains your order number and trade details will be displayed. You can print this confirmation for your records, or view it online after your order is placed. You can also receive a trade confirmation via email. The Order Status page is updated as soon as the order is executed. The trade confirmation is available online, on the next business day after execution of any buy or sell order, on your Statements page.

It can also be mailed to you or sent by email. If you do not have sufficient funds in your core account, you should not wait for the confirmation to reach you before mailing your payment or securities. Once you view or receive your confirmation, examine it carefully and advise us of any discrepancy immediately.

Once you have placed an order, you can view its status online. You can also view your order history or set up an alert to receive execution notifications. If the order has not yet been executed, you can attempt to either cancel, or cancel and replace it. To cancel and replace an order, find the order that you would like to replace and choose Attempt to Cancel and Replace.

On the following screen, you will be able to make changes to the order quantity, order type, price, time in force, and conditions. About canceling and replacing Orders are not canceled automatically by an identical order or an order at a different price for the same security. You must cancel a previous order if you place a substitute order. Fidelity cannot be responsible for any executed orders that you fail to cancel.

A transaction resulting from a failure to cancel such an order will be applied to your account, and you will be responsible for that trade. Also, an attempt to cancel an order is subject to previous execution of that order.

Cancellation requests are handled on a best-efforts basis. Confirmation of a cancellation order does not necessarily mean the previous order has been canceled, only that an attempt to cancel the order has been placed.

By submitting a cancel and replace order, you are instructing Fidelity to cancel your prior order. Once we receive a verified cancel status for the original order, the replacement order is sent to the marketplace. Like Attempt to Cancel orders, Attempt to Cancel and Replace is subject to previous execution of the original order.

Fidelity reserves the right but is not obligated to cancel open orders when the limit price becomes unrealistic in relation to the market price. A cancellation notice will be mailed to you promptly in this event, and you may place a new order if you wish. Additional market conditions may warrant a cancellation of your order without prior notification. Some examples include, but are not limited to, exchange rulings, stock delistments, erroneous executions, corporate actions, stock halts or other abnormal market conditions.

You can place your brokerage orders when markets are opened or closed. However, orders placed when the markets are closed are subject to market conditions existing when the markets reopen, unless trades are made during an extended hours trading. Any equity requirement necessary for trade approval will be based upon the most recent closing price of the security that you intend to buy or sell.

Because of fluctuating conditions, the ultimate execution price may differ at times from the most recent closing price. For orders placed prior to market open, Fidelity may wait for the primary exchange to open before commencing trading in a particular security. Please use caution when placing orders while the market is closed.

Securities may open sharply below or above where they closed the previous day. Fidelity reserves the right to refuse to accept any opening transaction for any reason, at its sole discretion. Fidelity will credit the proceeds of a sale to your core account on the settlement date. Proceeds will automatically be used to pay down any margin debt if you have any, and the balance will remain in your core account.

You may also have a check for the proceeds mailed to you. Brokerage customers with Checkwriting may write checks against the proceeds of a sale on or after the settlement date.

This amount is reflected in the Cash Available to Withdraw balance. Retirement accounts Trades placed in retirement accounts must be paid for from assets present in the core account at the time of placing the trade. Brokerage accounts Trades placed in a brokerage account are settled according to these rules:.

Retirement accounts are not eligible for margin. Endorse the certificates exactly as they are registered on the face. The registration must correspond with the name as shown on your brokerage account.

Write "to National Financial Services LLC" on the line between "appoint" and "attorney" on the back of your certificate. Write your brokerage account number on the top right face of the certificates. Only originals no photocopies are acceptable.

Make sure to keep all paperwork together in the same package. Securities not in good order Securities that are not in good order are not negotiable, and proceeds from their sale cannot be released to you until the certificates have cleared transfer. The settlement date is the day on which payment for securities bought or certificates for securities sold must be in your account.

Settlement dates vary from investment to investment; please see the table below for details. For options and other securities settling in one day, you must have sufficient cash or margin equity in your account when your order is placed. Settlement times by security type. The securities markets have circuit breakers that will halt trading in all securities for a period of time in the event of a severe market decline.

Fidelity will continue to communicate the status of any open trades via the Orders page of your portfolio. In order to address extraordinary market volatility in individual securities, the securities markets have also implemented a Limit Up-Limit Down mechanism that will prevent trades in certain stocks from occurring outside of specified price bands.

Trades for individual exchange-listed or National Market System NMS stocks will be prohibited from occurring at a set percentage higher or lower than the average security price in the preceding five minutes during certain market hours. The following has been effective since December 8, Fidelity will attempt to communicate the status of any open trades via the Orders page of your portfolio.

Options trading is not subject to the Limit Up-Limit Down price bands. During Limit Up-Limit Down conditions, options exchanges may accept or reject option market orders entered during the halt depending on the trading state of the underlying security.

Placing a mutual fund trade online is easy. The order isn't "official" until you review all the information and click Place Order. There's never a commission for Fidelity mutual fund trades, though other fees and expenses may apply. See the fund's current prospectus for details. You can place a mutual fund trade anytime. The mutual fund trading screen can be found by following this path: After entering information about the fund you want to buy or sell, click Preview Order to review your order before you place it.

You can change or cancel your order on the Order Verification page. After you place your trade, the confirmation screen confirms the trade details. Print this screen, or note the confirmation number. You can also receive a trade confirmation via e-mail. You can attempt to cancel an unexecuted order after it has been placed.

To do this, go to the Orders page, select your order, and choose Cancel. You must request a cancellation of your order before the closing price is calculated.

For Fidelity Funds, the Attempt to Cancel has to be initiated before 4 p. Pricing times for non-Fidelity funds vary. To check pricing rules, see the fund's prospectus. Mutual funds are priced based on the next available price. For Fidelity funds that price daily, the next available price is calculated based on the 4 p. Non-Fidelity funds may have different policies. See the fund's prospectus for more information. You do not need to "sell" from your Core account to create cash to purchase a mutual fund.

For brokerage accounts, the trade will settle automatically if there is enough cash available in your Core account. A group of mutual funds, each typically with its own investment objective, managed and distributed by the same company.

You can sell a non-Fidelity fund and buy a Fidelity fund with the proceeds. This type of transaction is called a cross family trade, where you sell mutual fund assets in one mutual fund family to purchase mutual fund assets in a different fund family.

The settlement date for the sale portion of the transaction is one business day later than the trade date. Therefore, the purchase takes place on the next business day following the sale. On the sale of your mutual funds, you will receive the next available price, and on the purchase of your mutual funds, you will receive the next business day's price.