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OptioNow are no longer trading. For a optionow meta binary options of alternative brokers, and full comparison reviews, visit our brokers page. Owned and managed by a holding company called Zluti Marketing Limited, OptioNow is a new binary options broker that is based out of Anguilla.

Although Optionow meta binary options is headquartered out of Anguilla, they also operate from several other offices located around the world in order to service their traders better. The trading platform was originally established by a group of financial professionals that are well versed in the field of offline and online trading.

The trading platform used by OptioNow is in fact the advanced second generation SpotOption platform. So far, there are only a handful of binary brokers out there on the internet which have adopted the second generation SpotOption trading platform. With the adoption of SpotOption Gen2 platform, OptioNow is able to offer their traders a greater choice of trading optionow meta binary options.

When OptioNow was optionow meta binary options established late last year, one of the initial complaints about the trading platform was optionow meta binary options limited number of tradable assets.

Now, we are pleased to see that they have expanded their asset list to cover over more than different types of assets. This shows that this broker is receptive towards the needs of their traders. As for trading accounts, OptioNow understands that their clientele base comprises of traders with differing levels of trading experiences. As such, OptioNow have come up with 5 different types of trading accounts to suit their individual needs. However, we hope that they will be able to cover more languages in the near future.

Help at OptioNow is only a phone call away and their multilingual support staff are ever ready to assist traders in any way. To get in touch with customer support, all traders have to do is to drop them an email or leave their contact details on the web contact form at their website.

If traders wish to call customer support, they can do so at the following number: The only complaint that we have about this broker customer support service is the lack of live chat. This can prove to be an optionow meta binary options if you just want a fast answer to something minor. Of course, we have to bear in mind that One Touch trades are much riskier hence the higher returns. Having gone through their services, we find that OptioNow is indeed dedicated to providing their traders with a fulfilling trading experience.

We seen how they have acted positively on past shortcomings based on their traders feedback. We hope that they will not let traders down and will continue to further improve the quality of their services as time goes by. This broker is not recommended. This broker is either not regulated or generates a large number of complaints. Alternatively, these are our Top 3 brokers based on Ratings: Markets Coverage With the adoption of SpotOption Gen2 platform, OptioNow is able to offer their traders a greater choice of trading contracts.

Trading Optionow meta binary options As for trading accounts, OptioNow understands that their clientele base comprises of traders with differing levels of trading experiences.

Conclusion Having gone through their services, we find that OptioNow is indeed dedicated to providing their traders with a fulfilling trading experience.

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