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A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location on or near a desk or table due to its size and power requirements. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supplymotherboard a printed circuit board with a microprocessor as the central processing unit CPUmemorybusand other electronic componentsdisk storage usually one or more hard disk drivesoptical disc drivesand in early models a floppy disk drive ; a keyboard and mouse for input ; and a computer monitorspeakersand, often, a printer for output.

The case may be oriented horizontally or vertically and placed either underneath, beside, or on pc options price list of a desk. Prior to the widespread use of microprocessors, a computer that could fit on a desk was considered remarkably small; the type of computers most commonly used were minicomputerswhich were themselves desk-sized.

Early computers took up the space of a whole room. Minicomputers generally fit into one or a few refrigerator-sized racks. They could draw computer graphics with a plotter. Apple IITRS and Commodore PET were first generation personal home computers launched inpc options price list were aimed at a consumer market — rather than businessmen or computer hobbyists. Byte magazine referred to these three as the " Trinity" of personal computing.

Early personal computers, like the original IBM Personal Computerwere enclosed in a "desktop case", horizontally oriented to have the display screen placed on top, thus saving space on the user's actual desk, although these cases had to be sturdy enough to support the weight of CRT displays that were widespread at the time.

Over the course of the s, desktop pc options price list gradually became less common than the more-accessible tower cases Tower was a trademark of NCR created by ad agency Reiser Williams deYong [ citation needed ] that may be located on the floor under or beside a desk rather than on a desk.

Not only do these tower cases have more room for expansion, they have also freed up pc options price list space for monitors which were becoming larger every year. Desktop cases, particularly the compact form factors, remain popular for corporate computing environments and kiosks. Some computer cases can be interchangeably positioned either horizontally desktop or upright mini-tower.

Influential games such as Doom and Quake during the s had pushed gamers and enthusiasts to frequently upgrade to the latest CPUs and graphics cards 3dfxATIand Nvidia for their desktops usually a tower case in order to run these applications, though this has slowed since the late s as the growing popularity of Intel integrated graphics forced game developers to scale back. Creative Technology 's Sound Blaster series were a de facto standard for sound cards in desktop PCs during the s until the early s, when they were reduced to a niche product, as OEM desktop PCs came with sound boards integrated directly onto the motherboard.

While desktops have long been the most common configuration for PCs, [5] [5] by the mids the growth shifted from desktops to laptops. This shift led to the closure of the many desktop assembly plants in the United States by Another trend around this time was the increasing proportion of inexpensive base-configuration desktops being sold, hurting PC manufacturers such as Dell whose build-to-order customization of desktops relied on upselling added features to buyers.

The sales breakdown of the Apple Macintosh have seen sales of desktop Macs staying mostly constant while being surpassed by that of Mac notebooks whose sales rate has grown considerably; seven out of ten Macs sold were laptops ina ratio projected to rise to three pc options price list of four by The change in sales of form factors is due to the desktop iMac moving from affordable iMac G3 to upscale iMac G4 and subsequent releases are considered premium all-in-ones.

By contrast, the MSRP of the MacBook laptop lines have dropped through successive generations such that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro constitute the lowest price of entry to a Mac, with the exception of the even more pc options price list Mac Mini albeit without a monitor and keyboard pc options price list, not surprisingly the MacBooks pc options price list the top-selling form factors of the Macintosh platform today.

The decades of development means that most people already own desktop computers that meet their needs and have no need of buying a new one merely to keep pace with advancing pc options price list.

Notably the successive release of new versions of Windows Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and so on had pc options price list drivers for the replacement of PCs in the s, but this slowed down in the s due to the poor reception of Windows Vista over Windows XP. Recently, some analysts have suggested that Windows 8 has actually hurt sales of PCs inas businesses have pc options price list to stick with Windows 7 rather than upgrade.

The post-PC trend has seen a decline in the sales of desktop and laptop PCs. Among PC form factors, pc options price list remain a staple in the enterprise market but have lost popularity among home buyers. PC makers and electronics retailers have responded by investing their engineering and marketing resources towards laptops initially netbooks in the late s, and then the higher-performance Ultrabooks from onwardswhich manufacturers believe have more potential to revive the PC market [5] than desktops.

In AprilStatCounter declared a "Milestone in technology history and end of an era" with Android operating system more popular than Windows the operating system that made desktops dominant over mainframe computers. An all-in-one desktop computer integrates the system's internal components into the same case as the display, thus occupying a smaller footprint with fewer cables than desktops that incorporate a tower.

Many pc options price list of home computers like Commodore pc options price list Atari included the computer's motherboard into the same enclosure as the keyboard; these systems were most often connected to a television set for display. Apple has manufactured several popular examples of all-in-one computers, such as the original Macintosh of the mids and the iMac of the late s and s. Some all-in-one desktops, such as the iMac G4have used laptop components in order to reduce the size of the system case.

Like most laptops, some all-in-one desktop computers are characterized by an inability to customize or upgrade internal components, as the systems' cases do not provide pc options price list access to upgradable components, and faults in certain aspects of the hardware may require the entire computer to be replaced, regardless of the health of its remaining components.

These desktops are used as home PCs but have a heavy price tag. They are equipped with powerful processors, graphic cards and huge RAM capacity over and above having many complex factors. It is very common for them to have multiple hard drives as they are mostly used for gaming.

These desktops are very common and quite budget friendly compared to others in the market. It comes with separate display component and processing component. The components are connected by cables or wireless connection to execute command from each other.

These computers are easy to customize and upgrade as per our requirement. Pc options price list desktops are connected to home entertainment systems and typically used for amusement purpose. They come with high definition display, video graphics, surround sound and TV tuner systems to compliment typical PC features. These desktops are same as Full-Sized desktops but the only different is its size. These are almost half of them and cost, performance same as Full-Sized desktops.

Compact desktops are very difficult to customize and upgrade. Desktops have an advantage over laptops in pc options price list the spare parts and extensions tend to be standardized, resulting in lower prices and greater availability.

Procedures for assembly and disassembly of desktops tend to be simple and standardized as well. This tends not to be the case for laptops, pc options price list adding or replacing some parts, like the optical drivehard diskor adding an extra memory module is often quite simple.

This means that a desktop computer configuration, usually a tower casecan be customized and upgraded to a greater extent than laptops. This customization has kept tower cases popular among gamers and enthusiasts. Another advantage of the desktop is that apart from environmental concerns power consumption is not as critical as in laptop computers because the desktop is exclusively powered from the wall socket. Desktop computers also provide more space for cooling fans and vents to dissipate heat, allowing enthusiasts to overclock with less risk.

Laptop computers, conversely, offer portability that desktop systems including small form factor and all-in-one desktops can not due to their compact size and clamshell design. The laptop's all-in-one design provides a built-in keyboard and a pointing device such as a trackpad for its user, and can draw on power supplied by a rechargeable battery. Laptops also commonly integrate wireless technologies like Pc options price listBluetooth and 3Ggiving them a broader range of options for connecting to the internet, though this trend is changing as newer desktop computers come integrated with one or more of these pc options price list. A desktop computer needs a UPS to handle electrical disturbances like short interruptions, blackouts and spikes; achieving an on-battery time of more than 20—30 minutes for a desktop PC requires a large and expensive UPS.

A desktop computer has an advantage over a laptop when you need to minimize power consumption and heat output. This means that you will never be able to overclock it to the sort of performance levels achieved by Cyberpower's Gamer Infinity PC [ citation needed ]nor will you be able to fit a laptop with the kind of graphic cards found in most of these desktop systems. You may find a laptop with high-definition Blu-ray drives, but you may not get much benefit if you're watching pc options price list Blu-ray film on a screen that's 17in or smaller.

These pc options price list are great for watching films, pc options price list well pc options price list for performing tasks such as video editing or multi-track music recording. If you are looking for a really powerful PC, then these desktop computer still hold an edge over the modern laptops. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A stylized illustration of a desktop personal computerconsisting of a case containing the motherboard and processora monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. Apple 20" iMac Intel Core Duo.

Retrieved August 28, Retrieved May 7, Archived from the original pc options price list Retrieved 8 May The New York Times. Retrieved September 30, Did Intel underestimate netbook success?

Retrieved 20 April Retrieved 10 October The Wall Street Pc options price list. Instead, the interface was snappy, Web browsing was smooth, and load times were short. Retrieved 18 October Gateway Profile 4 vs. Retrieved 10 August Retrieved February 7, Digital wristwatch Calculator watch Smartwatch Smartglasses Smart ring.

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Some components may have been adjusted to fit the budget. If you bought your PC prebuilt from a big company, this may be the case. This cheap gaming PC gives you an outstanding bang for your buck, playing the newest titles in p resolution. Click here to check the current price. The secret to building a cheap and powerful gaming computer is finding the perfect balance of price and performance. With this build, you receive just that. You are still spending a relatively small amount on the PC, but it is still enough to buy powerful and efficient parts.

It is sleek, refined, and low cost. This gaming PC truly is majestic. This PC is called the monster, simply because it is an absolute beast. You will even achieve p in some titles. Furthermore, this PC meets the requirements of the Oculus Rift. If you want to do any kind of rendering, editing, recording, or streaming, this computer can do it all.

Both companies produce high-quality components that will power your build, ensuring both quick speed and dependable reliability. Below, we will list five CPUs, fitting any possible budget. The tiers will be ranked as extreme budget, low budget, medium budget, high budget, and maximum performance budget.

Each chip will be thoroughly described, as will the platform that each processor functions on. Each synopsis will enumerate factors such as clock speed, number of cores, number of threads, TDP, and most importantly, price. This Easy PC CPU guide will help you navigate the complex marketplace so that you can be sure that your build will run well within any given budget.

Extreme Budget - Intel Pentium G Besides being viable for everyday usage, this budget beast is a workhorse, capable of keeping up with gaming and resource-intensive multimedia functions. In addition to the two cores, there is a total of four threads, which ensure that multitasking is smooth and seamless.

The base frequency of the Pentium G is a quick 3. The quick speed and low TDP help reduce the power load required for the system, while still performing to an impressive degree. As do many Intel processors, the Pentium G comes with onboard graphics, which are sufficient for daily usage, though they are not optimized for any demanding graphical task.

The onboard graphics chip is capable of outputting 4K resolution at 60 Hz. Although this CPU is cheap, it is an excellent performer for most tasks. There is no need to worry about this chip bottlenecking your build. The price-to-performance ratio is optimal and the Pentium G should be the immediate and clear choice for any budget builder.

Low Budget - Ryzen 3 There are a total of four threads to supplement the four cores. The base frequency of the Ryzen 3 is 3.

One of the drawing factors for this chip is that it is unlocked, meaning that it is overclockable and can be pushed to higher performance levels at the expense of expelling more heat and demanding more power. A stable overclock can result in speeds of almost 4.

This processor is often accompanied by a supplemental graphics chip, so it does not feature onboard graphics; therefore, it is important to leave room in your budget for a graphics card. In terms of processing capability, featuring the Ryzen 3 in a build will annihilate gaming consoles, making them obsolete. This CPU is an excellent choice for the budget gamer who wants to play the newest games smoothly at p.

Medium Budget - Intel Core i Powered by a quad-core, four thread platform, the Core i is an excellent chip for almost any intensive task and is sufficient for any game. The base frequency is 3. Sadly, though, the CPU is not overclockable, thus the maximum remains at 3. Similar to the Pentium G, the Core i features onboard Intel graphics, but this upper-tier chip features a more powerful graphics core - the Intel HD Graphics The processor is capable of outputting 4K video at 60 Hz via DisplayPort.

Though some say that the Ryzen 5 is a better option at this price point, the Core i proves to be a clear winner in terms of performance and efficiency. As it is a powerful CPU, the Core i leaves room for future upgrades in other areas without fear of a noticeable bottleneck on performance. High Budget - Intel Core ik. Sticking with Intel CPUs in the next price tier, the Core ik is an extremely powerful processor that will last many years and will never bottleneck a system. This chip was released in late and will be a viable option for quite a while.

With proper cooling, the Core ik runs stable at clock speeds up to 4. This processor features six cores and six threads, but like all other Core i5 processors, it lacks Hyper-Threading. As an absolute powerhouse, this CPU allows for smooth, efficient performance for any task and any game.

Video editing, live streaming, multitasking, and other intense processes are easily handled by the Intel Core ik, making it the ultimate high-budget CPU. Maximum Performance Budget - Intel Core ik.

If you have an almost unlimited budget and are looking for maximum performance and extreme capabilities, the expensive Intel Core ik is a viable option. This processor can handle any task thrown at it with ease. At a base frequency of 3. Since the processor is unlocked, it can safely be overclocked to almost 5. Given its immense power, its TDP of 95W is surprisingly low. This chip is expensive, yet it is future-proof and can handle gaming easily, as well as intense workstation applications.

Hooked into the motherboard, the CPU performs intricate calculations and sends instructions to various parts of the computer. Each processor has cores and threads, which are assigned various simultaneous tasks to ensure the proper operation of the system. The processor, though, is not the essential component for successful gaming. As a general rule of thumb, you should spend more on your graphics card than you do on your processor if you intend to game. This is where we get extremely in depth.

You can scroll down a bit to find a table of contents which outlines the guide, section by section. It can be overwhelming to figure out what parts to buy, especially if you need to make a little bit of money go a long way. Many have grown accustomed to coming home, sitting down and turning on their console.

If a console can do it, a PC can do it better. A console can play video games, and maybe watch Netflix. A gaming PC can perform these tasks at higher resolutions, framerates, and graphical settings. Moreover, this PC is more than just a gaming machine. Unlike a console, your gaming PC can edit videos, pictures, code, stream, record, surf the web, etc.

Building a dirt cheap gaming PC has never been easier. The Dell Inspiron i is a great option. There are lots of powerful and cheap GPUs for sale on eBay. You can easily find a GTX ti used on eBay for a low cost. This PC can easily game at p. PC gaming has many advantages over console gaming. Keep reading, as some of them may not very obvious. PC gaming will always have superior graphics and framerates than consoles. Consoles can only game in p and in some cases p.

All consoles have the exact same hardware inside. Game developers are aware of the hardware in the consoles, and they can optimize their games to run smoothly on said hardware. You can just pop the disc in your Xbox and start playing. Instead, they release a beautiful game and require you to meet certain spec requirements. If you want to, you can buy the most expensive hardware or at least higher end hardware and run the games with extreme settings.

PC gaming is also much more flexible than console. Consoles all ship the same. They look the same and they perform the same. PCs are all unique. They perform differently and you can design your PC exactly the way you want it. In addition, if a part of your PC breaks, you can cheaply replace that part. Rather, you have to buy an entirely brand new console. If you want to upgrade your PC in the future, that option is also available to you.

If you own a console and want to upgrade, your options are quite limited. PC has so many amazing games which cannot be found on console. Steam also has a diverse selection of free to play games, such as Team Fortress 2. Even games that can be played on console are better on the PC. The gameplay is more fluid and dynamic.