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The International Virtual Observatory Alliance IVOA was formed in June with a mission to facilitate the international coordination and collaboration necessary for the development and deployment of the tools, systems and organizational structures necessary to enable the international utilization of astronomical archives as an integrated and interoperating virtual observatory.

You can read more about the IVOA and what we do at http: What is the VO? The Virtual Observatory VO aims to provide a research environment that will open up new possibilities for scientific research based on data discovery, efficient data access, and interoperability.

The vision is of global astronomy archives connected via the VO to form a multiwavelength digital sky that can be searched, visualized, and analyzed in new and innovative ways. VO projects worldwide working toward this vision are already providing science capabilities with new tools and services. This newsletter, aimed at astronomers, highlights VO tools and technologies for doing astronomy research, recent papers, and upcoming events.

In the morning of Sep. Inspired by the news, number of the registered users of China-VO platform raised rapidly to K by the end of September. Currently, two supernova candidates discovered by public users have been confirmed by professional observations. The project webpage is prepared in Chinese; an English version is planned for a proper time in the future. The goal of the school is twofold: Deadline for submission of participants' use cases: More information can be found at the school website.

The contest was organized by China-VOMicrosoft Research and other partners, began in earlyand was designed to promote the concept of scientific data-based science education and the open sharing of scientific and technological resources and knowledge. About tours were submitted by school students and amateur astronomers. Videos of awarded tours are released to the public at http: No prior knowledge of the involved ESA missions is needed, simply explore the sky with the sky exploration interface, or conduct single or multiple target searches.

From a technical point of view, the system offers new all-sky multi-resolution maps of full mission datasets; detailed geometrical footprints to connect the all-sky mosaics to individual observations; direct access to the underlying mission-specific science archives; and uses the TAP and MOC VO protocols. The beta release contains data imaging only and catalogues from the following missions: We are extremely interested in your feedback and would like to hear from you via our helpdesk.

You can see a video demo of the ESA Sky beta or try the beta interface. The interface is fully documented and includes a detailed description of the input and output parameters, examples for each instrument, a troubleshooting guide and a web-based query builder that allows users to create queries that are later run from a program.

The Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory The Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory TAO houses data from popular cosmological N-body simulations and semi-analytic galaxy formation models, primarily focused on survey science.

Mock catalogues can be built from the database without the need for any coding. Results can be funnelled through higher-level modules to build custom light-cones and images. TAO is accessible from anywhere you can access the internet. These include the option to download premade mock catalogues e.

Head over to TAO now and build your own universe! The updated TAP window is easier to use and more powerful than before: By comparing them through a Bayesian method with low-mass stars 0.

Particularly, we found a fraction of 3. Our results support the suggested scenario in which the dissipation of discs is less efficient for decreasing mass of the central object. Reaching the boundary between stellar kinematic groups and very wide binaries.

Sixteen new stars and eight new wide systems in the beta Pictoris moving group Alonso-Floriano, F. The first pre-supersoft X-ray binary Parsons, S. Far-ultraviolet Spectroscopy of Old Novae. V Aquila Sion, Edward M. Principal component analysis-based inversion of effective temperatures for late-type stars Paletou, F. The ADS query we manually curate for the bibliography in this newletter. All ADS links mentioning the "virtual observatory" in the abstract. All refereed publications mentioning the "virtual observatory" in the abstract.

Astronomy 7 Sydney, Australia. Astronomy pronounced 'dot-astronomy' aims to bring together an international community of astronomy researchers, developers, educators and communicators to showcase and build web-based projects, from outreach and education to research tools and data analysis.

Follow the meeting events on Twitter with the hashtag dotastro. Important deadlines include submission of use cases by 13 November and meeting registration on 30 November The objective of the Big Data from Space conferences forex ecn micro account to bring together researchers, engineers and users working in the area of Big Data from Space.

Deadline for abstract submission is 30 October The deadline for abstracts for contributed talks and posters is 1 February The abstract submission deadline is 14 December Home Astronomers Deployers Members About.

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