Taxation on Income Earned from Share Trading

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You can classify yourself as an Investor if you hold equity investments for more than 1 year and show income as long term capital gain LTCG. You can also consider yourself stock trading india tax investor and gains as short term capital gains STCG if your holding period is more than 1 stock trading india tax and less than 1 year.

In this chapter we will discuss on all aspects of taxation when trading is declared as a business income, which can be categorized either as:. Unlike capital gains there is no fixed taxation rate when you have a business income. Stock trading india tax and non-speculative business income has to be added to all your other income salary, other business income, bank interest, rental income, and othersand taxes paid according to the tax slab you fall in.

You can refer to chapter 1 for tax slabs as applicable for FY In order to find out my tax liability, I need to calculate my total income by summing up salary, and all business income speculative and non-speculative.

The reason capital gains is not added is because capital gains have fixed taxation rates unlike salary, or business income. Now, I also have an additional income of Rs. I hope this example gives you a basic orientation of how to treat your income and evaluate your tax liability.

We will now proceed to find a list of important factors that have to be kept in mind when declaring trading as a business income for taxation. If you file your income tax returns on time July 31 st for non-audit case and Sept 30 th for audit case, you can carry forward any business loss that is incurred.

Speculative losses can be carried forward for 4 years, and can be set-off only against any speculative gains you make in that period. Non-speculative losses can be set-off against any other business income except salary income the same year. So they can be set-off against bank interest income, rental income, capital gains, but only in the same year.

You carry forward non-speculative losses to the next 8 years; however do remember carried forward non-speculative losses can be stock trading india tax only against any non-speculative gains made in that period.

In such case my tax liability for the year would be —. I have a non speculative business loss of Rs. If you incur speculative intraday equity loss of Rs. I can carry forward speculative loss of Rs. Stock trading india tax to reiterate, speculative business losses can be set-off stock trading india tax against other speculative gains either the same year or when carried forward. Towards the end of a financial year you might have realized profits and unrealized losses.

If you let it be, you will end up paying taxes on realized profits, and carrying forward your unrealized losses to next year. This would mean a higher tax outgo immediately, and hence any interest that you could have earned on that capital which goes away as taxes. Stock trading india tax can very easily postpone this tax outgo by booking the unrealized loss, and immediately getting back on the same trade. By booking the loss, the tax liability for the financial year would reduce.

We stock trading india tax Zerodha are the only brokerage in India presently giving out a tax loss harvesting report, which will spot all opportunities for you to harvest losses. Click here to learn more. It is called BTST when you buy today and sell tomorrow without taking delivery of the stock. Since you are not taking delivery, should it be considered as speculative similar to intraday equity trading? There stock trading india tax both schools of thought, one which considers it to be speculative because no delivery was taken.

A factor to consider is if such BTST trades are done just a few times in the year show it as STCG, but if done frequently it is best to show it as speculative business income. Paying stock trading india tax tax is important when you have a business income. When you have a business income you have to pay most of your taxes before the year ends on March 31 st.

It could be more or less. The best way to pay advance tax is by paying tax for that particular time period, so Sept 15 th pay for what was earned until then, and by March 15 th close to the year end, you can make all balance payments as you would have a fair idea on how you will close the year.

You can claim a tax refund if you end up paying more advance tax than what was required to pay for the financial year. Tax refunds are processed in quick stock trading india tax by IT department. You can make your stock trading india tax tax payments online by clicking on Challan No. Also, here is an interesting stock trading india tax that helps you calculate your advance stock trading india tax — http: You can also check this link to see how exactly interest or penalty is calculated for non-payment of advance tax.

Both these financial statements might need an audit based on your turnover and profitability. We will discuss more on this in the next chapter. An audit is required if you have a business income and if your business turnover is more than Rs 1 crore for a financial year. For equity traders, an audit is also required as per section 44AD in cases where turnover is less than Rs.

There are various types of audits prescribed under different laws like company law requires a company audit; cost accounting law requires a cost stock trading india tax, etc. Ideally this audit should be done by the IT department itself, but considering the number of balance sheets out there it is surely impossible for IT department to audit each one of them. You the tax payer can use any CA of your choice. We will in the next chapter briefly explain how a CA typically creates these two statements.

It also helps lenders evaluate credibility, and act as a check for any fraudulent practices. Which ITR form to use? I have come across incidents where people have declared both speculative and non-speculative as capital gains to avoid having to declare business income, and not having to use ITR3.

Taking a shortcut like this could mean a lot of trouble if called for an IT scrutiny. Business expenses when trading — Advantage of showing trading as a business is that you can show all expenses incurred as a cost which can then be used to reduce your tax outgo, and if a net loss for the year after all these costs, it can be carried forward as explained above.

Disclaimer — Do consult a chartered accountant CA before filing your returns. Audit is also required as per section 44AD in cases where turnover is less than Rs.

I have two questions — stock trading india tax Is an audit required in case I am incurring loss and my turnover is less than 1 cr? But if your net income for the year is above 2. There is no need of calculating turnover for advance tax. Based on whatever profit you have made till the end of sept, dec, and March periods, just pay incremental tax accordingly. Audit is based on your turnover. Since there is a stock trading india tax and you fall under a tax slab, yeah audit is needed.

Check all the chapters, audit is quite a simple thing. If I have a loss of 20, then i need to get it audited for which i will have to pay CA anotherSo more loss if you make a loss in trading. What a shame, Audit should not be there if there is loss.

Advance tax is not required if income is computed under section 44AD; see Section of Income tax Act. The taxes you are paying is transaction tax. Income tax still has to be paid.

You need to add this 1lk to 3. Sir, first of all great article. I have a personal question, please help me out. I don't trade daily. In whole yr, I might have placed less than orders in total. I do not wish to get my account audited and stock trading india tax not claim any loss in ITR 4.

When do I have to pay tax and I want to know about taxation charges as well as do I need to audit. I am just a stock trades. One more if earn above 1 crore in a single year what will be the taxation on that. Trading is a business, so like every business you need to pay an advance tax every quarter on your expected year end income. IF you pay more, you can always get a refund. Tax is not on the turnover, it is on the net profits only.

Turnover is to determine if you need a tax audit or not. Hi, Whether tax audit required in foll0wing case: Total trading turnover — more than 1 crore in FYbut incurred loss in trading. Also, total income in same year is less than 2. Is tax audit required? Also — as a valued added stock trading india taxcan Zerodha provide services of tax consultants to prepare file stock trading india tax of traders?

My Salary is — Stock trading india tax. In your case since no advance tax has been paid till now, for April 1st to March 31st point 3 below is applicable C and from April 1st this year till you pay the taxes point 2 B is applicable.

For deferment of advance tax. The said interest is levied 0. Hey Krish, sorry if I suddenly sounded like a chartered accountant putting up this section of the act. For advance tax not paid between April 1st to March 31st3. Vishal, the penalty can be paid, stock trading india tax that will be black mark on your ITR.

I have gone through your article about taxation. It has cleared many concepts. Can Zerodha provide any support for audit, CA? In such case, what advise would you give to beginners like me? I am salaried employee and I stock trading india tax been filling ITR1 form for last 2 years.

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