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Every day, Jordan Becker lifts weights at the gym, hoping to build up his biceps and chest muscles. My sisters and my mom always tell me that they had to pay me to wear dresses. Like many transgender individuals, Becker says he felt he was born trapped inside a body that was, for him, the wrong gender. From a very young age, I always knew I was different. I came out as a lesbian, and it was good for a couple of years, you know.

I felt like I really belonged. But then as time went on I just kind of noticed that something still felt—a part of me was missing. Transgender people often take hormones and have surgery to become more like the opposite sex.

A little over a year ago, Becker began injecting testosterone. He had his breasts surgically removed. My tbows binary options binary options trading in viet names regret is throughout this entire process is not starting it sooner. Emboldened by the new Amazon Online series "Transparent" and "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix, which features a transgender actress, transgender individuals are increasingly speaking out about their needs and their lives.

An Episcopal priest recently came out as tbows binary options binary options trading in viet names, and a community of Carmelite nuns in Canada just accepted a novice with both male and female physical characteristics. Even in the past 14 years, it is an incredible change in the visibility of transgender people in the media, the number of tbows binary options binary options trading in viet names activist organizations, people who are trying to change the law, and the medical system for trans people.

Some studies estimate about one percent of the U. And there is little medical research about what causes some people to want to change their sex. After spending the past decades struggling with how to minister to gays and lesbians, and whether to ordain gay clergy and allow same-sex marriage, churches now face a new moral frontier: I think that it is something that churches should look at if they are seeking to be intentionally welcoming and hospitable places for folks who stand on the margins of society.

McGinley says that transgender individuals pose complex theological questions. This disconnect that you have within yourself is a result of some kind of brokenness either that you have participated in or that has been inflicted on you. Consider Ande Biggs, who began life as Andrew, a boy. Most boys are born with a single X and Y chromosome.

As a teen, Biggs was attracted to males and was labeled a homosexual. Though Biggs, now 19, was certain from a young age tbows binary options binary options trading in viet names was meant to be female, she says it was a difficult decision to actually begin injecting female hormones.

I had received the prescription, I had the paper, I just had to go to the pharmacy and get it filled out. Transgender people experience high rates of homelessness, unemployment, and depression, often the result of discrimination. They are tbows binary options binary options trading in viet names likely to be arrested. More than half of all transgender individuals report having considered suicide.

Jordan Becker says he sometimes lay in bed at night wondering, why does God hate me? He contemplated suicide twice before deciding to begin his male hormonal treatments. I tried drowning myself in a toilet. That was the lowest point of my life. Society seems to be moving much faster. The school of the Art Institute of Chicago, where a significant number of the students identify as gay or transgender, provides gender-neutral bathrooms and housing.

However the military, which now accepts gays, will not allow openly transgender people within its ranks. Jordan Becker spent 6 years in an army military police unit but had to leave the service last year when he began taking hormones. I can still shoot a weapon. I can, you know, still drive a Humvee.

He recalls one of the first teens he treated. A fifteen-year-old transgender girl born a boy, and they wanted me to give estrogen to—and I was, like, are you kidding me? Is it ethical to do that? I had no idea. This was totally new. And then I got to know her, and I spent time with her, and really over the course of months my entire mindset changed from, like, is it really ethical to give this girl hormones to, like, would it really be ethical to not?

Gender is a very fluid idea. There is more than just a binary male-female. Gender is a spectrum. I feel like being a transgender person is a gift I was given. Why waste your time judging me?

Like Jordan Becker, many transgender people live with hope. We report from Chicago on how churches are responding to transgender people, especially as they become more and more visible in popular culture. How should churches be responding? National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

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