Margin Trading

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Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses. Please read Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before investing in options.

Spreads, straddles, and other multiple-leg options strategies, such as butterflies and condors, can entail substantial transaction costs, including multiple commissions, which may impact any potential return.

These are advanced options strategies and often involve td ameritrade options account risk, and more complex risk, than basic options trades.

Futures and futures options trading is speculative, and is not suitable for all investors. Trading privileges subject to review and approval. Because they are short-lived instruments, weekly options positions require close monitoring, as they can be subject to significant volatility. The risk of loss in trading securities, options, futures, and forex can be substantial.

GainsKeeper is td ameritrade options account registered service mark of GainsKeeper, Inc. Minimum qualification requirements apply. Portfolio margining is not available in all account types. Not all clients will qualify. Please consider your financial resources, investment objectives, and tolerance for risk to determine if it makes sense for your individual circumstances.

Also received 4 stars in "Best for Frequent Traders". Star ratings are out of a possible five. Barron's is a trademark of Dow Jones. Advisory services are provided exclusively by TradeWise Advisors, Inc. A subscription to TradeWise Advisors will include a monthly fee.

For more information, please see the ADV 2 on www. Please consult other sources of information and consider your individual financial td ameritrade options account and goals before making an independent investment decision. Access to real-time data is subject to acceptance of the exchange agreements. Professional access and fees differ. This is not an offer or solicitation in any jurisdiction where we are not authorized to do business.

Log in to your account 2. Go to Client Services, then "My Profile" 3. Watch video for help. Log in to your account. Go to Client Services, then "My Profile. To trade options you need to understand options. From calls and puts to greeks and condors, you have to be able to talk the talk to walk the walk.

Let us help you get more comfortable with trading options—by providing you the information you need to help turn your trading plan into an action plan. An option is a contract to buy or sell a specific financial product such as a stock at a specific price, over a specific period of time. There are two types of options—calls and puts. And two sides to every option trade—buyers holders and sellers writers. A buyer pays the seller a premium for the right to exercise the option, and the seller is obligated to sell or buy the underlying stock at the option's strike price should the buyer decide to exercise.

Sell the call for more than you paid for it. Sellers writers Obligated to sell a stock Short Calls Stock price is less than the strike price. Keep the premium received. Sell the put for more than you paid for it. Sellers writers Obligated to buy a stock Short Puts Stock price is greater than the strike price.

Short Calls Desired Result: Price of the call td ameritrade options account as the price of the stock rises. Stock price is less than the strike price. Short Puts Desired Result: Price of the put td ameritrade options account as the price of the stock falls. Stock price is greater than the strike price. Weekly options When market changes happen due to current events, you need to be able to react, and react quickly.

With shorter expiration cycles, weekly td ameritrade options account can td ameritrade options account offer you lower premiums. Options on futures Available across most major asset classes, you can trade options on futures with interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural commodities, and metals.

Options in an IRA Consider using options strategies to help manage risk and potentially increase total return—while taking advantage of the potential tax-deferred benefits inherent with an IRA. But remember, options trading, even in an IRA, involves significant risk and is not suitable for everyone.

Portfolio margin 3 Looking to potentially increase your options trading leverage? Portfolio margin may td ameritrade options account able to help.

Designed to align your margin requirements with your portfolio's overall risk, portfolio margin is based on the net exposure of all your positions, not just individual positions. Using this specific margin account may potentially lead to greater returns, but can also lead to greater losses.

Getting started with options. The first step to trading options is establishing a td ameritrade options account. Check td ameritrade options account the video below to learn how. Ready to trade options? Here's how you get started: Simply log in to your account to apply for an upgrade. Apply for an upgrade. Need help setting up an account? Support for traders from traders. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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