The Basics: Publisher Trading Desks

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In the traditional advertising model advertisers and their agencies buy advertising the publisher trading desk ltd from media owners and networks. They do this in order to reach an audience they think will be interested in buying their products and services.

Increasingly, however, these relationships are becoming increasingly murky as advertisers morph into media owners and media owners become buyers. One way the latter is taking shape is through the formation of so-called Publisher Trading Desks.

As the advertising and marketing market shifts from trading on media properties as a proxy for audience and toward a more audience-centric trading paradigm, publishers are finding new ways to leverage first party data. The publisher trading desk ltd doing so publishers can capitalise on their own audiences, to give them the competitive edge. The premise is simple: This tech allows them to better manage and monetise their audience data. Previously, this would have required advertising middlemen, who would have taken a chunk of the revenue, but the publisher having their own trading desk makes this unnecessary.

The actual purchasing of inventory is still done through real-time bidding, but the publisher leverages their proprietary data to target their ads. This works particularly well for vertical or trade publications. For example, a publisher such as The Guardian, which has its own trading desk, will have rich data on its the publisher trading desk ltd readership, segmented into different interest groups.

They will be able to look at the data for their travel section or their business section, and can analyse user behaviour to determine which campaigns their readership has been attracted to, which devices they tend to use and other demographic data.

It can also help to determine which devices to optimise for, such as smartphones and tablets. When the publisher buys inventory on these third-party sites, these advertisements then collect their own data through cookies, which in aggregate creates an even richer the publisher trading desk ltd of data. This audience extension creates a much better advertising proposition overall, by not limiting publishers to the publisher trading desk ltd ad space of their own websites, and by allowing them to build on their already rich datasets.

It also allows publishers to build mobile advertising even if they have no mobile inventory of their own, or video advertising if they have no video inventory. Publishers themselves have the opportunity to work with the publisher trading desk ltd internal marketing teams to promote to their own audience beyond their website and across their network, increasing the reach of campaigns and promotional events.

However, a publisher trading desk is not without its challenges. The publisher will first have to prove their value to advertisers and other buyers. Publishers will be required to take on all the usual responsibilities of advertisers, which means that they will need to be savvy with their data, build in-house trading expertise where there is none, and source and train on new platforms where they have limited experience.

In other words, while there are many apparent advantages to publishers setting up their own trading desks in order to regain control of their own advertising and boost their own revenue, publishers will still require a thorough, fully-baked data strategy for it to work effectively.

So how does it the publisher trading desk ltd On the left is the traditional buying model. A better proposition This audience extension creates a much better advertising proposition overall, by not limiting publishers to the ad space of their own websites, and by allowing them to build on their already rich datasets. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The professional site of Matt O'Neill. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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