UOP Binary Options Indicator for NinjaTrader – Full Review

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Wed Apr 4 Tokyo: January edited September in Complaints. So just sitting back waiting for the complaints to come in. Feel free to post if you were scammed or are about to be scammed and trust me if you join you will be LoL WTF does binary options have to do with amazon and ebay you stupid mother phuckers!!!

Well watch their vids and you will see January edited January These marketers can't even get the name straight so I will do some anti marketing vs them and spread the uop binary indicator review I saw this vid this morning and was just like WF??? Lets put this scammer out of business ahead of time! This guy will likely also sell energy drinks soon. January edited February Man seriously they are hooking up with some no name scam broker called Magnum options?

Spot Option based of course. Here is what Magnum should advertise with Reginald February edited February So its really sketchy. Options Domination Google Hangout. But here is a fact that remains it does not matter! Once again you prove that the English are not only very good actors but extremely intelligent.

Why are they trying to resell his signals on amazon at a higher price? Oh I have to see this, so what happened between them? I knew they were going to do this roflmao. I think of the borg collective when I think of these guys - "You will be assimilated Then again I don't know anything about JA other then what I read as I am too uop binary indicator review actually trading during the day to uop binary indicator review much time to these guys.

Though I do have a curiosity as to how others trade and would love to see people who can rock it in trading. A ALGO trade I could see in market depth and technically and had perfect sync, now If I was chasing signal from different providers I don't think think I would be able to identify or be in alignment with the market but instead would be pushing buttons like a monkey hoping they were right lol.

I don't want to give control to somebody else. I am not a monkey. Now where is my damn banana! Most of the people that I saw on the FB page don't even know how to trade. This uop binary indicator review going to be a slaughter. Exactly and these poor NOOBies don't know what they are in for I will finish the video this weekend if nothing else the marticle will help warn people coupled with the thread which uop binary indicator review the future the horror uop binary indicator review should flood in due to their size uop binary indicator review muster Here is the interview with one of the people effected by "Options Domination" criminal activities where they steal the signals along and post them as their own results to members.

It just goes on and on they will be doing this to others in the future as this is how they operate. This guy is a phucking liar Pure marketing garbage once again not even a decent system, its ugly as sin. That is how a person that does not know how to trade would design a system rofl Uop binary indicator review would not mind so much if it was at least a good combination of indicators LoL, can't even design a nice looking system. This one is both functional and well just pretty What a cawk sucker the more Uop binary indicator review search the more Reggie, he is a douchebag all the way.

March edited March Pretty sure at the start of every meeting they play there theme song Options Domination have a huge closed Facebook group which I was a member of until I discovered that Aaron Andrews, uop binary indicator review teamaaronshara fame, has been made admin of the group. They were heavily involved with Zeek Rewards which stole millions of dollars from their victims I believe that there are current class actions pending against them concerning the Zeek scam in the state of Florida.

Will be interesting to see how they intend to scam the folks at Options Domination Also you are implying Aaron guy is a scam artist, you should be posting that separately about uop binary indicator review.

As far as I can tell he has nothing to do with OD officially he is promoting it, but if we are going by who promotes what, the infamous Reginald Stintson is promoting JAS, uop binary indicator review latest buddy. April edited April I try to give good info often I am too busy actually trading during the day to spend too much time uop binary indicator review this. I agree with you that JAS is not promoting correct stats as all of these guys promote marketing fluff to get members that is their thing same with UOP indicator right?

I have seen people take good systems and blow their uop binary indicator review in a blink. What are your results with OD how do you find them? I can always go inside pay their fees using an employee of mine to see the real deal and who knows maybe its worthwhile? You can't get any more transparent then that. Imagine an autotrader where trades popup on your screen from your account where you can watch the trader trading those same signals and have them explain why the trade was taken ect ect on the live screen.

Show me live trades to the second not what could be what should be. Loft when do you think will be ready your system? Well the engine part seems very fast and stable as of this week with the changes next week will try it under real trade conditions then after that if its solid will discuss having a set of beta testers to see others get the same results. The sooner the better though! So you can hit whole groups of brokers with a single click and trade anonymously through MT I do wish I can say exactly when but its hard as you can't estimate unforeseen problems before they happen and then say how long they will take to correct.

Its fast and stable. Key is if I use it to teach you can see my trades Uop binary indicator review even better then posting them live because they are almost instant and people would learn good trading through osmosis imo You get government charges which uop binary indicator review happen to groups like Option Domination in the future.

The Andrews are what scum marketing is all about None of them care as long uop binary indicator review they are paid off your losses Thanks all for the info disseminated in the forum. So please always carry us the rookies in mind. Once again thank you. So far OD seems pretty legit. Obviously its wayyyyy too soon to comment on how their signals will pan out over time, but a couple things they do that most signal providers do not, is provide their users with a uop binary indicator review of trading on their own it's a pretty basic 5 min strategy, but it does work.

They also teach their users to use charts in order to verify for themselves that a signal looks good rather than taking blind trades. Currently they provide a few different signals: End of Day trades which I am doing well with two types of Mean Reversion trades which I am not doing so well with.

The ones I have taken are End of Hour tradessome 5 minute trades which I can never take because the window to jump in on them is pretty shortand I think they are planning a few other ones in uop binary indicator review future. For US residents they only recommend Nadex which uop binary indicator review works very well with EOD trades I have realizedbut indirectly recommend Goptions as well I've never used them, but apparently don't have a good reputation on this site.

There has only been one session so far and it was plagued by server crashes, so not so good However the few trades I managed to see them recommend were all ITM. They also apparently plan to offer regular binary option training via webinars. If this turn out to be good training which remains to be seenthen this alone could put them heads and shoulders above the other signal providers in the marketplace.

Okay this post has gotten way too long so to sum it up So far I do not think they are a scam, but it is too early to assess the quality of their signals. They need to get 2 - 3 months of maturity under their belt before a real review can be made. Oh and I think it should be pointed out that John Anthony is no longer claiming that they are stealing his signals for their service, rather they used his signals in some of their marketing material still not good, but not nearly as serious.

I am still fairly new to BO trading myself only a few months of trading under my beltso take my opinion with a grain of salt. Well that was very very well stated and also thorough. Now lets examine the partnership with Goptions who are based out of Israel and it seems they are using their Binary-Option-Signals at least that is what they had in their videos.

These poor guys want to try to stay away from uop binary indicator review Israeli brokers as they are bad news and they just don't know better yet They will learn the hard way. Notice Goptions Binary-Options-Signals leader board see how its absent of any users with uop binary indicator review record of performance over time. All designed to scam clients so their relationship with this broker of dubious reputation is a joke. Has to be a record somewhere unless its buried in the pentagon with files from the JFK assassination Sign In or Register to comment.

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