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Supervisory Board dated 23 October and amendments of the Rules of Transactions Clearing non-organised trading under Resolution No. Supervisory Board dated 23 October enter into force. InKDPW Group focused on the launch of new services expanding the offer available on the Polish financial market: Last year also brought a new electronic communication channel for issuers, two further operational links with foreign securities depositories, and the launch of the hold-release service.

Thanks to novation, the clearing house becomes the central counterparty, i. EUR 24 million insurance agreement. The agreement is effective until 30 June The agreement provides insurance coverage against operational risks of the core and auxiliary business of the securities depository KDPW S. The value of trade in was over PLN billion and the number of cleared transactions is 20 million transactions per year or over 50 thousand transactions per day including bank holidays.

This means that the equity of the clearing house is increased by PLN million — additional resources supporting the x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office clearing guarantee system operated by the clearing house. More than representatives of financial institutions, CEOs of listed companies, analysts and business journalists came to the Zakopane event. The special guest of the event was Birger Schaefermeier, a leading European trader who operates a EURinvestment account live from an online trading room.

The conference participants took part in many presentations, special lectures, and debates about the market outlook. Investors met and talked with financial institution managers. The clearing house will be using two services: Founded in by the European central counterparty clearing houses, EACH has for 20 years now been the central counterparties' voice in Europe and has as such successfully worked for greater market transparency and the refinement of international standards on clearing and settlement.

The companies signed a formal agreement on 3 February According to the work timetable, the service will be available as of the beginning of The monthly Polish Market has published the Tiaras of Management ranking x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office 50 distinguished women managers successful in business.

KDPW remains responsible for transaction settlement and central securities depository functions. The process implements world-class standards at KDPW and enhances the competitiveness of the Polish capital market. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip to main content. This page location is: Organised trading Membership requirements Document templates Account system Fees List of members Netting mechanism Terminating a Participation Agreement Timetable of the clearing day Days without clearing x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office IT Tools - organised trading.

IT Tools - otc trading. Derivatives market Regulated market OTC. Organised trading Rules Resolutions. Non-organised trading Rules Resolutions. Funds, dedicated resources and allocation. Addresses and contact details. Management Board of 17 August and Resolution No. Management Board of 19 March Supervisory Board Resolution No.

Management Board dated 20 November The following amendments enter into force on 30 September Management Board dated 15 September and Resolution No. Management Board dated 15 September Supervisory Board has decided to waive the fees for registration of transactions in short-term, mid-term and long-term Treasury bonds futures contracts and in WIBOR reference rates futures contracts and for transferring positions in such contracts.

The waiver of the fees applies from 1 July to 31 December Supervisory Board dated x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office Decemberamended by Resolution No. Management Board dated 6 July enter into force on 20 July Supervisory Board dated 25 April entered into force on 1 August As of 3 July shares of companies participating in the WIG20 index will no longer be accepted as margins until further notice.

The obligation derives from EU regulations. The waiver of the fees applies from 1 January to 30 June Management Board dated 27 December enter into force on 10 January The waiver of the fees applies from.

Management Board dated 6 December The test will check x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office contingency solutions and procedures applicable in the event of x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office crisis where the capital market infrastructure institutions need to relocate their operation to the back-up sites. X-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office periodic testing is required under the law and the generally accepted standards.

The extended authorisation of the clearing house allows it to accept collateral in EUR, including both cash and bonds.

Management Board dated 17 August Increase in the number of active investors on the Polish capital market will help to improve liquidity on GPW and grow the trading volume. Both publications will have information and data gradually added and updated. Management Board dated 31 December enter into force on 19 January The amendments introduce a new measurement method of the utilisation of the collateral limit and the credit limit Appendix 7 to the Detailed Rules of the OTC Clearing System.

The new functionality will facilitate the process of invoice delivery and eliminate paper mail in support of environmental protection and paper consumption savings. The Council, which replaced the Tripartite Committee for Socio-Economic Affairs established inhas 59 members representing employers, trade unions and the government. The service facilitates risk management and improves the safety of trade in financial instruments on GPW. The ESMA is expected to announce in September the requirement of imposing new, stricter controls of LEIs effective three months after the announcement date.

Management Board dated 19 June enter into force on 6 July The amendments concern Appendices 3 and 5 to the Detailed Rules of Transaction Clearing organised trading and relate to the discontinuation of support for the PRCM methodology. The fifth edition of the international Warsaw Capital Market Summit on 18 June brought x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office several hundred guests representing investment firms, banks, issuers, representatives of financial institutions and the public administration, as well as financial journalists from around the world.

The goal is to promote the liquidity of trade in shares of small and medium-sized companies listed on the GPW Main Market and on NewConnect.

The promotion is open from 1 July to 31 December The event will bring together investors, issuers, representatives of financial institutions and public administration, as well as financial journalists from across the globe.

As previously communicated in letter no. Management Board dated 25 March enter into force on 8 April Over that period, the Trade Repository has accepted Million reports of 25,5 Million trades in derivatives. The Futures Masters competition, designed to introduce futures contracts to a large group of investors, opens in January An Analyst Dream Team of eleven brokerage houses is engaged x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office the competition.

The competition spans over five weeks and offers five opportunities to win cash prizes and awards worth PLN 70 thousand in total.

The past year at the KDPW Group was a time of focused efforts to harmonise with the new financial market framework put in place by European post-crisis regulations. The KDPW Group introduced securities netting and automatic partial settlement; these functionalities reduce costs and enhance the attractiveness of the local financial market for Polish and foreign participants.

Poland has the biggest and most developed financial market in Central and Eastern Europe. The capital market is its strong advantage: Supervisory Board has decided to continue the temporary waiver of the fees.

However, it is a fact that KDPW is the only institution in Poland and one of few institutions in Europe to offer such a broad range of numbering services for financial market entities and instruments. The awards were presented in Warsaw on 21 October The event focused on Poland but also incorporated other growth areas in CEE. For investors, transactions will be closed within a shorter period of time: The new settlement cycle will also have an impact on processes of the exercise of rights attached to securities, which will be transferred 1 day earlier than before.

During this period phenomenal progress has been made that enabled the Polish financial sector to achieve a significant position in comparison with other European and global markets and become an undisputed leader in certain innovative arrangements, notably in the area of retail payment systems. The existing ATS guarantee funds, i. The identifier is x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office to report trade details to trade repositories.

According x-trade brokers dom maklerski sa opinie office delegated regulations adopted under the European Markets Infrastructure Regulation EMIRentities are required to hold identifiers necessary to report details of derivatives trades to trade repositories.

The service will be made available in stages starting at the beginning of It will expand the service dedicated to interest rate derivatives cleared in PLN.

The approved model and the scope of instruments covered by the project result from the consultations with banks. The Committee is comprised of independent members of the Supervisory Board, representatives of brokerage houses, banks and investors.

This means that 16 April will be included in the calculation of the due date of settlement of transactions with a fixed clearing cycle e. Raiffeisen Bank Polska S. The provisions of the Rules are available in the "Regulations" tab. The Rules take effect as of 2 January

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