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Below is a list of compatible and incompatible scripts and mods. If you are unsure whether a mod is compatible then feel free to post in this thread to ask. This scripts have not been tested under XTM version 0. Extended Mod Pack A file doing the same job as this is included within Xtended. Ashley's XXL Fabs 2. Neuman's HUD Replacement v1. Avicenna's Fog Mod http: Osiris Sam's Ship Naming System http: New Custom Starts http: Station Upgrades Framework not proofed: Great Mod by the wayafew bugs but i'm sure they will get sorted out in time.

From what I know about the Terracorp thing, you may be right. Why not try the XTM version: Does anyone know what x2 the threat trade software mk3 the problem with race response fleets and XTM is, because it seemed to run fine for me.

Standard Race Response won't use the new Xtended ships. The compatible one will. I'm using the Extended mod pack. Is this compatible with XTM? Now my question changes to this: Can I just remove Extended mod using the script installer? Without completely reinstalling XTM, I mean. Xtended already has the EMP in it so no need for another version to be installed. Is the old Player Response Fleets script still compatible?

I presume it will be, but thought it better just to double-check: Hi all was just wondering if anyone has tried " terrcorp Fleet Package 1. I have it installed but haven,t had a chance to try itx2 the threat trade software mk3 due to a couple of bugs in Home of Light. Remember reading somewhere that it would not be compatible, can anyone confirm this?

Anarkis Carrier Commands seem to be working fine for me too I looked at the sticky and followed the link that said I'm supposed to go to discuss mod compatibility issues, but alas the topic does not exist anymore. I'll merge this with the script discussion topic, but essentially anything that changes the same files Xtended does will disrupt XTM. I used it with few issues with previous versions of Xtended. The biggest issue is that Xtended ship classes are usually classed as M1s in-game and the TCFP scripts have pilot rank requirements to put them into ships.

This makes the Xtended M7s somewhat unfeasible to put into Task Forces as you need a very highly-ranked pilot. Siath said that he would try to make an XTM compatible version once. In the meanwhile, you can still use the script with all the stock ship classes.

Note that new ships that are of existing classes are fine. Ya I x2 the threat trade software mk3 that a few days ago and it wasn't working then either. I guess we're supposed to talk about scripts here now because Mokonzi merged the topic. On that note, does anyone know if Litcube is making XTM compatible versions of the Kha'ak and Xenon invasion scripts http: I imagine he would because I saw someone around here named Litcube, but it could be a coincidence and I just want to check.

As well as Cycrow's Xenon migration. Also the Xenon shipyard by Jakesnake http: There's a link to the Yaki Stations there aswell, which I also have. I know this is alot of scripts for one post, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I added links as requested below, as well as some more scripts. Could anyone who is asking about a particular script or mod from now on provide a link for them?

Saves having to trawl through the ES forum looking for them. So it won't be compatible with Xtended. All the tfiles used in that mod are also changed by Xtended, thus it won't work. This may be pretty obvious, but, I haven't seem to x2 the threat trade software mk3 had any problems with the Egosoft released Bonus Pack yet.

Only a few hours play so far tho. What I meant was that I no longer have any mods competing against Ashly's Fabs because all of the other mods that I used to have are now incompatible with XTM, except for Ashly's Fabs as you guys made it XTM compatible, hence what I meant by there not being any compitition.

Does anyone know if the Capital repair Crew http: Well I've just had a look at the. So why not try it and let us know. Hi there i just tried to install and test a little bit the xtended mod this morning.

So in your place, I would stop trying to combine it and to make it run at the same time. Anyone x2 the threat trade software mk3 whether or not Cycrow's guild mods are compatible? Most specifically the assassin's guild and the overtune BBS? Well, I have Those two scripts x2 the threat trade software mk3 with 0. I suppose it may choose one of new M6s in the place of old ones aswell, so it mey be that you will be up against 5 Sohnen M6s, but it is just a guess.

For now no problems with them. Owkay, just turns out I made a big mistake- The Assasins guild script seems to malfunction in my game, as I do not get the rewards for doing the missions. That way we would know wether it is or isn't compatible with 0. Got LV cheat script too, enabled and working correctly till now BB! Now I have to check x2 the threat trade software mk3 stuff really fast, might be a conflict between two other scripts. Anywho, If I will get them running correctly, i'll give a heads-up.

It's my last roadblock to acceptible FPS Please check the opening post for a compatible version of Ashleys fabs. I downloaded the compatable one and installed it using the script installer. It comes up and says to select "Ash I'm using the script installer version 1. Well, Cycrow's script manager said that the "assassins' guild" and "overtune bbs" and "mercenary guild" scripts conflict with XTM, although they seem to be different files different numbers.

So, I'm not really sure about that. I've had experience where two scripts conflict, and one of them just simply does not function anymore. Oh and does Advance Jumpdrive work? Script manager shows conflict as well. I've got a min-hud I made for myself. It ain't perfect, it doesn't shrink the station icons, only gets x2 the threat trade software mk3 of the boxes for everything. If anyone wants it send me a pm. Anyone know if satalite limited mk3 traders works with XTM because when i installed it i got read texts where the commands should be.

I think it is a problem with the SPK as with my game the files are in the scripts folder and should be in the t folder. Basically look for any files that are all numbers in the script folder and move then to the t folder and the commands should be there!

Don't know if anyone has established this already but I've been using the ship installer with no problems so far. The conflicts I can confirm though I dont know how fatal they are. Thanks for the offer Jams, but in the end I ended up getting 'er sorted. Aside from a few Icons namely the Dragon it worked out. Please check the opening post for a compatible version of Ashley's fabs. I downloaded the compatible one and installed it using the script installer.

Any problems caused by St. Ashley's fabs would be better put to her directly in her own thread. The Xtended compatible version has been altered to work with Xtended by St. We do not host, or offer Tech support for, third party scripts and mods. I've been using the CrystalfreeSSP-v1. No problems with using it. I x2 the threat trade software mk3 using Advance Jumpdrives V 1. I got the Fab mod working now.

Somewhere along the line I screwed up installing x2 the threat trade software mk3 Xtended mod. There were 2 "10" cat files in my X3 root directory and also 2 "10" cat files in my "mod" directory.

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