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Usage of the tool faciliates the creation process of ArchiCAD Libraries by the benefit of a cross-platform text-based format for the time of development. The tool uses and generates XML and library part files. A library part file can be unequivocally transformed to one XML file and vice versa without losing any data when using a correct codepage for transcoding, special characters may get lost otherwise.

The file names must comply with the codepage set in the Regional Settings of the operating system. For example you won't be able to compile a library with Greek file names on Western Codepage. The generated files are ArchiCAD library part files with version Consider the main attributes of this file format.

In short, two GUIDs - internally coded long numbers - in combination with the object file name, identify each object. The ID consists of two parts: The Main ID is created when the library part is saved for the first time.

It is also modified if a new library part is created based on an other using the "Save as" command. The Revision ID is also created when the library part is saved for the first time but it is modified if the library part is resaved using the "Save" command. This means that the Main ID identifies a library part in its function and the Revision ID helps in distinguishing the revisions of the object.

All binary sections of the library part - which are not resolved into XML elements - are saved with Windows byte order. These properties quarantee the full platform independence of the XML format of library parts. Converts all library parts. Other files will be copied as binary files images. Converts all XML files in the given source directory tree to library parts into the given dest directory recursively.

Converts the library part file at the location source to an XML at the location dest. Converts the XML file at the location source to a library part at the location dest.

If there was a library part at the location destit is deleted first. Copies the specified sections from the source library part file to the dest XML file. Repairs the ancestry information, the version, the macro-call section and the parameter section of each library part file in the libraryLocation directory tree.

Every changed library part gets a new rev-ID. These commands are intended to serve in a make system, where libraries are developed. All of them check whether an XML file changed since the last compilation. For this, the IDEntryList. In this file, the tool stores the ID and the MD5 checksum of all the source files. This data is used for each file as follows:. A subset library is the one-sided difference set based on an earlier and a new version of the same library.

We want to avoid the variance of revision ID-s of the same library part on Windows and on Mac. Different revision ID-s slow down the usage of cross-platform project files a bit. Follow these steps to generate correct libraries with fitting ID-s on both platforms:. Library parts can contain "built-in" images. Library Parts provide a way to have the scripts hidden from the end user.

This will create a GSM file with the given scripts hidden. Converting a library part with hidden scripts back to XML will create empty script elements, so be sure to keep the original XML files after publishing the library. This chapter describes some ways to use the tool for library development in a versioning system.

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